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Q: What's Your Dream One-Bike Quiver Killer?

Hardcore cyclists live by the rule of N+1. But do you really need multiple bikes? Does the fabled "quiver-killer" actually exist? Bruce ponders what bike he'd choose if he could only ride one.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Over the years, the power of N+1 has driven me to buy bike after bike. Is it even possible for a bike nut like me to own only one bike? If so, what kind of bike would it have to be? I’ve experimented with quiver-killers before, but it’s hard to imagine a single bike could replace my entire collection. 

This week’s question is a bit of a thought experiment: What’s your dream one-bike quiver?  

Tell me your answer in the comments below. It can be any bike, past or present. Just be sure to name a specific model. Maybe you already own your dream quiver-killer. Include a photo if that’s the case! Next Monday, I’ll randomly select a winner from our comments. That person will get a limited edition TPC x Leadout handlebar bag. 


Congratulations to Jon Barnes! To reach N=1, Jon chose a versatile gravel bike, specifically this gorgeous Open U.P. 

"Having just returned to cycling after being away for 30+ years, I have had a ball 'catching up' to all of the changes that have occurred. Though I used to only ride the roads, I am so far this time around torn between the trail and the road?! Both genres currently have my interest ( and wallet). I have spent way too much time on the TPC website over the last six months but I love browsing the ever changing aisles in their Warehouse and it has been a huge aid in helping me learn about all of the brands and options out there.

I currently have four bikes in my quiver ... a rather inexpensive Felt hardtail, a gorgeous 2016 Fuji CF tri-bike, a superlight 2016 Emonda and a 2016 Specialized full suspension Camber (the last two purchased from TPC) and they all get ride time. So I guess, naturally, the one bike that I THINK would cover all of my bases would have to be a bike in the one genre that I do not yet own and that I feel I know the least about? Gravel! It seems a bike in this genre could maybe cover my interests in the trails and roads? Like Bruce, if I would have to ride only one bike, I would splurge. And since I have yet to own and play with a wireless shifting and a power meter, this 2020 Open U.P. gravel bike hits all the right notes ... CF frame and wheels, Di2 and a Power Meter. And as a bonus, it is in my favorite color blue!" - Jon Barnes


My current quiver covers the full riding spectrum from road racing to enduro mountain biking. My first inclination was to choose a versatile gravel bike for my one and only bike. It is practical. My daily lunch rides are 70% paved, and 30% gravel. Gravel bikes feel pretty fast on pavement. And I’ll still be able to ride singletrack and have fun. 

But after some soul searching, I’ve concluded that fast and flowy mountain bike trails are what truly spark joy for me. Though my busy schedule doesn't allow me to hit the trails as much as I'd like, my weekend mountain bike rides are often the highlight of my month. That’s why my one bike has to be a hardtail mountain bike. Specifically this 2020 Yeti ARC TURQ 35th Anniversary Edition.

2020 Yeti ARC Turq 35th anniversary edition

With some fast rolling tires, I think this Yeti ARC could really do it all. 

[product-block handle="2020-yeti-cycles-arc-turq-35th-anniversary-edition-l"/]

Here’s why I picked it:

Lightweight carbon hardtail frame: The rigid rear end will keep things feeling efficient on pavement and gravel, and the stiff and lightweight TURQ carbon frame won’t feel like a tank on climbs. 

Trail geometry and components: I chose a trail hardtail rather than an XC hardtail because I need extra confidence to go downhill fast. The long and slack geometry, bigger fork, and dropper seatpost will help. 

Maximum bling: If I’m going to limit myself to one bike, it needs to be the sexiest bike I’ve ever owned. This Yeti is a rare, limited edition model, decked out in top-of-the-line components. 

I think the Yeti ARC will be bearable on my daily road and gravel rides, especially with some faster tires installed. Then, when it’s time to shred some gnarlier trails on the weekend, it will give me the confidence to push my limits. Sure I won’t be competitive in road, gravel, or enduro races, but I can still ride every day and have a good time, and that’s what matters most. 

Now it’s your turn! If you can only ride one bike, what will it be? I’m curious to see how many people pick something similar to me. Or maybe I’m the odd one out.