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Peppermint Cycling Co.: Apparel Designed By Women For Women

Peppermint is redefining the cycling experience for women with apparel that is both fashionable and functional, made with women’s-specific chamois and features, and an athletic fit designed specifically for women.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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The cycling world has always been a mostly masculine territory. As women who love to hop on their bikes, whether it’s to break a sweat or simply to get to work, we were struggling to find functional gear that met our needs. Faced with the reality that cycling clothing for women was a very scarce resource, we founded Peppermint Cycling Co. to fill a gap in the cycling market and offer unique and technical products designed by women for women. 

“Pepper” and “Mint” complement each other well. Pepper is strong with a kick, while mint is delicate and lively. It's how Peppermint Cycling Co. wants you to feel every time you get on the bike. That’s why every piece of Peppermint cycling apparel is designed in Quebec by a team of mostly female talents. 

TPC is excited to carry Peppermint’s 2023 line-up of road, gravel, and mountain bike apparel. Check out some of our newest Peppermint kits, and get inspired to ride! 

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Peppermint Women’s Road Cycling Apparel

Peppermint cycling women's road apparel[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-signature-jersey"/]

[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-signature-lightweight-jersey"/]

[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-signature-bibs"/]

Peppermint cycling women's road cycling apparel[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-classic-jersey"/]

[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-classic-bibs"/]

Peppermint cycling women's road cycling gilet vest[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-gilet"/]

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Peppermint Women’s Gravel Cycling Apparel

Peppermint women's gravel cycling apparel[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-gravel-jersey"/]

[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-gravel-cargo-bibs"/]

Peppermint cycling women's gravel apparel[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-gravel-crop-tee"/]

[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-signature-shorts"/]

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Peppermint Women’s MTB Apparel

Peppermint women's mountain bike apparel[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-mtb-peak-short-sleeve-trail-shirt"/]

[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-trail-3-4-jersey"/]

[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-mtb-shorts"/]

[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-short-liner"/]

Peppermint women's mountain bike apparel[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-mtb-peak-tank"/]

[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-mtb-tech-shorts"/]

Peppermint cycling women's mountain bike apparel

[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-mtb-shirt"/]

[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-mtb-pants"/]

Peppermint cycling women's mountain bike overalls[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-mtb-overalls"/]

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Peppermint Cycling Sports Bra and Socks

Peppermint cycling sports bra[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-signature-sports-bra"/]

[product-block handle="peppermint-cycling-signature-printed-socks"/]

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