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Jordan Boostmaster Reviews the 2022 Rocky Mountain Altitude A70 Coil

The Boostmaster gets some air time and shreds gnarly trails while demo riding the 2022 Rock Mountain Altitude A70 Coil. Find out what he thinks of it in his video review.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Riding the 2022 Altitude how it's meant to be ridden!

The Altitude is Rocky Mountain's big-hitting enduro weapon and this season it carried Canadian ripper, Jesse Melamed, to an overall win in the 2022 Enduro World Series. Clearly, it's a fast bike, but we wanted to see how it'd perform outside the tape. So we sent a 2022 Rocky Mountain Altitude A70 Coil to another Canadian ripper, Jordan Boostmaster.

You might know the Boostmaster from his mega-popular YouTube channel, where he takes on some of the PNW's best trails. He's known for hitting big jumps and building and shredding freeride bikes that tend to stray from industry norms. Now, he's looking to upgrade his old enduro bike, and the new Altitude is high on his list. 

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To suit his playful, hard-charging style, he choose the alloy A70 model equipped with smaller 27.5" wheels and a coil shock. He rides, jumps, and even crashes the Altitude to get a full picture of what this Canadian shred sled is capable of. Check out his video review of the 2022 Rocky Mountain Altitude: 

Until November 9th, 2022, use his code Boostmaster22 to get free shipping within the USA on any purchase over $1,000.

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