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Dream Bike Quiver: Rare Bikes, vol. 2

Riding a bike that no one else has is pretty cool. From small builders to limited edition frames to resurrected legends, these are some of the coolest rare bikes around.

Written by: Spencer Powlison

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It's plain to see that you, dear reader, have sophisticated taste. After all, the first roundup of rare bike brands was one of our most popular Dream Bike Quivers to date! So let's play it again. Who says sequels have to suck? Here's volume #2 of the Dream Bike Quiver that's all about the rare finds.

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Road Bike: Spooky Mulholland - $2,299.99

Spooky Mulholland


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If you grew up riding bikes in New England (and I did), you might remember seeing Spooky's ultra-tough hardtail frames at the dirt jumps or in dual slalom races — back when that was still a thing. Flash forward and the late '90s MTB glow has faded, but Spooky is still making cool bikes. Like myself and many others, Spooky relocated operations to the west. Now, it builds road and gravel bikes out of Arizona. This little affordable aluminum number is a great knock around road bike that isn't another mass-produced carbon rig. Plus, the Campagnolo Potenza parts stand out with their silver finish — that's rare on rare.

Gravel bike: Allied Able Rapha & Strickland - $7,299.99

Allied Able Strickland

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Sticking with the American-made theme, we go the opposite direction from an alloy rim-brake road bike with this carbon fiber gravel machine. Made in Arkansas, Allied bikes are low-key rare, but not super rare. However, this Able is the limited edition trim, made special for Unbound winner Colin Strickland. It's a perfect pairing with the style of his apparel sponsor, Rapha. Aside from the special paint, this bike is a workhorse with Shimano GRX Di2 components.


E-Bike: LeMond Prolog Road- $6,699.99

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Fun fact: About a year and a half ago, I moved six miles out of town ... and up a 2,000-foot climb. So let's just say my bike commuting has been significantly curtailed since then. It's a pity because used to love doing errands by bike. I think it is time to enter the 21st century with an e-bike. But this e-bike is a nod back to the '80s. Yup, Greg LeMond is back in the bike biz. While I pine for a classically styled road bike with the name of America's only true Tour champion on the down tube, this Prolog is pretty dang cool. With gravel tires, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and a 250-watt Panasonic motor, it is truly an e-bike for cyclists.

Mountain bike: Revel Rascal - $6,499.99


Revel Rascal


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Readers in Colorado might not view the Revel Rascal as a rare bike any longer. The Carbondale, Colorado-based company has started to make inroads with its excellent trail bikes. However, I reckon you'd still turn heads with a Revel anywhere outside the Mountain West. I'm not going to quibble about what qualifies as rare here. This bike checks all the boxes for me: 130mm rear travel with 140mm fork — enough travel, but not too much; solid RockShox suspension components; Industry Nine wheels. Plus, unlike some small builders that rely on simple single-pivots, Revel uses the Canfield Balance Formula design. It is akin to other counter-rotating link designs. I've always liked how supportive those other platforms, like DW Link and VPP, feel. So, I have to think I'll be right at home on a Revel.

Total cost: $22,799.96

Four bikes, about $23 grand — that's a bit steep, but nobody said rare bikes would come cheap. If you're looking to spice up your quiver, at the very least, you could consider trading in one of your rides for a bike from a small builder. The Spooky road bike is a great example of how you can still ball on a budget. What rare bikes do you dream of for your quiver? Or what do you already ride? Let us know in the comments!