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Dream Bike Quiver: E-Bikes Everywhere!!

E-bikes are getting sleeker and lighter, and soon they'll take over cycling. That's why this week's Dream Quiver is going electric with the best road, gravel, and mountain e-bikes you can buy today.

Written by: Bruce Lin

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Like it or not, the future is electric. You’ve probably already noticed more e-bikes on your roads and trails. E-bikes are the fastest-growing segment in cycling, and in 2023, e-bike sales are estimated to reach 40 million units worldwide. That’s a lot of bikes! 

Today, I’m not here to argue about whether e-bikes belong or how they should be classified. That cat’s out of the bag! Instead, I just want to marvel at how far e-bikes have come. Back when I was in school, e-bikes were homemade franken-bikes locked up outside the engineering dorms. They’ve evolved into sleek, high-tech machines that get bike geeks like me all hot and bothered. 

So clear your outlets and charge those batteries. This week’s Dream Quiver is going fully electric. 

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Road: Pinarello Dyodo Disk - $4,999.99

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With former Tour de France winner Egan Bernal recovering from his accident, the Ineos Grenadiers are a bit down on firepower. I’ll be happy to lend my talents, so long as I can ride this Pinarello Dyodo Disk. The hub-mounted ebikemotion X35 motor is fantastically small and lightweight, so the Dyodo can blend in with “regular” bikes and give you enough of a boost to stick with faster riders. The slim, 250 Wh battery in the down tube has a 60-mile range, which can be extended with an additional battery pack held in the bottle cage. The whole package weighs in at only 26.5 pounds, making it one of the lightest e-bikes on the market. 

Gravel: Cannondale Topstone Neo Carbon Lefty - $6,799.99

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The standard Cannondale Topstone Lefty is already one of the most comfortable and capable gravel bikes, thanks to its Lefty gravel fork, Kingpin rear suspension, and high-volume 650b tires. Adding pedal-assist just makes things more fun! The Topstone Neo Lefty runs a proven Bosch Performance Line motor and a 500wh battery with a range of 78 miles. This particular Topstone Neo has also been converted from drop bars to flat bars, so you know it’s ready to shred some singletrack too. If you’re sticking to hardpacked gravel, the Topstone Neo is also available with a rigid fork and 700c wheels.  

Trail MTB: Santa Cruz Heckler CC - $7,249.99

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E-bike hecklers got you down? Well, hit back with this Santa Cruz Heckler. When a core MTB brand like Santa Cruz makes an e-bike, you know it’s going to be good. The Heckler is based on the beloved Bronson platform and uses VPP suspension, 150mm of rear travel, 160mm fork, and 27.5” wheels. This versatile set-up keeps the Heckler playful, so it can tackle everything from sendy jumps to tight hairpins. The torquey Shimano EP8 motor can crawl up the steepest, technical trails and 504wh battery is good for around 4,000 vertical feet of climbing, so you can disappear into the wilderness for a massive day in the saddle. 

Enduro MTB: Specialized Kenevo SL Expert - $10,999.99

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If your riding ambitions point down the steepest, gnarliest trails, the big and burly Specialized Kenevo SL is the rig for you. Essentially an electric-assist Specialized Enduro, it has 170mm of travel front and rear, long reach, and an ultra-slack 63.5-degree head tube. The SL stands for super light, and at just over 42 pounds, this Kenevo SL weighs around 10-15 pounds less than the competition. The ultralight Specialized motor and battery provide less power and range, but they are so well-integrated, the Kenevo looks and feels like a regular Enduro. They provide just enough assistance so you can shuttle yourself to the top and do extra laps. 

Commuter: Momentum Vida E+ Low Step - $2,519.99

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The Momentum Vida E+ is all about the pure and simple joy of riding a bike. The Giant SyncDrive Life motor provides a relaxed, natural feeling boost, which compliments the upright riding position and low step design. With an 8-speed gearbox, hydraulic disc brakes, and wide and cushy 26” tires, you’ll be able to navigate any urban setting with complete confidence. Plus, the frame looks so clean and modern, I’d want to display it in my living room next to all of my Scandinavian furniture.  

Total cost: $32,569.95

At over 30 grand for five bikes, this Dream Quiver is quite expensive, but actually in line with many non-e-bike Dream Quivers I’ve put together. It’s pretty amazing that dream e-bikes have become this affordable, and they will only get better with time.

Of all the e-bikes I’ve chosen here, the one I really want is the Specialized Kenevo SL. I think it looks amazing and it suits my needs perfectly. I just want a bit of boost so I can get in a few extra descents during my brief lunch rides. But, alas, at $10,999, it’s way out of my price range, so I’ll probably have to sell my car. Is anyone out there interested in a 2014 Ford Focus? 

What e-bike(s) do you want in your dream bike quiver? Let me know in the comments!