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Holiday Gift Guide for Road Cyclists and Mountain Bikers

By Bruce Lin


Don't end up with another tie, polo, or kitchen gadget. We've been there, looking under the Christmas tree and realizing that there's nothing that you want. To remedy this, here's what to add to your holiday wish list to make your road and mountain bike adventures sweeter.

Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclists

Road Gift Guide

1. New Road Bike: Road bikes are getting lighter, stiffer, and more aerodynamic every year. Put a new bike under the tree this holiday season and discover what the future has to offer from brands like Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, and more.

2. Fresh Rubber Tires: Fast, supple, and durable, Continental produces some most in-demand road tires on the market, offering various models for race day, training, and everything in between.

3. Shiny New Wheels: Lighter and stiffer wheels are easily the best performance upgrade you can make to any bike. Give your bike a gift it truly deserves from brands like Zipp, ENVE, Mavic, and more.

4. Performance Building Powermeter: A good powermeter is the secret for taking your training to the next level. With crank based options from Pioneer and Stages, get ready for the new season with a competitive edge.

5. Safe Ridin' Helmets: Your head is precious, and a good helmet is something no cyclist should be without. Stay safe and look good at the same time with dozens of attractive helmet options.

6. Stylish High-brow Apparel: Skin is your body's largest organ, and what touches it matters. Top brands like Rapha and Assos have dedicated cult followings and should be on every cyclist’s wish list.

Mountain Gift Guide

1. New Mountain Bike: The world of enduro has set new standards for aggressive trail riding. Today’s best enduro mountain bikes offer big travel, modern geometry, and great climbing manners. Send harder next season with amazing machines from Santa Cruz, Orbea, Cannondale and more.

2. Fresh Knobby Tires: Tough, reliable, and grippy, Maxxis is the #1 name in mountain bike tires. See why by trying some of their most popular models.

3. Trail Worthy Wheels: Wheels are getting wider and stronger to handle the stresses modern riding places on them. Take your bike to the next level with new wheels from Reynolds, Race Face, and Industry Nine.

4. Send It Forks: A burly fork can completely change the attitude of your bike, and it's one of a rider’s greatest weapons when facing gnarly terrain. Make your front end ready for anything with the best forks from Fox and RockShox.

5. GX Eagle Groupsets: Who wouldn’t want more gears? Climb anything without breaking the bank with a complete SRAM GX Eagle groupset, giving you 500% gear range and more possibilities.

6. Race Face Cockpits: Wide bars and short stems are the new normal, giving riders better control and more confidence downhill. Update your cockpit with a new Race Face Chester handlebar and Aeffect stem.  

Stocking Stuffers

1. Gift Card: Make sure your loved ones can get what they really want with a gift card to The Pro’s Closet

2. No-Stranded Ride Preventor, Genuine Innovations Microflate Nano: Don’t get stranded with a flat this season. Petite and easy to use, the Microflate Nano Co2 bike tire inflator is a gift that belongs in every rider's kit.

3. Fancy Bike Tool Lezyne Torque Drive: Keep your fancy new bike properly maintained. A torque wrench is a tool that every aspiring bike mechanic must have. The Lezyne Torque drive looks good and will keep all your bolts properly tightened.

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