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Cafe Ride: Sofia Bermudez on enjoying being a beginner

By Reese Ruland


This week we chat with Sofia Bermudez about embracing being a beginner. Sofia is an amateur cyclist, medical professional, and a TPC ambassador based in Golden, Colorado. She began road cycling a few years ago, which quickly evolved into gravel cycling and now learning how to mountain bike. Whether it’s learning how to fish, stay upright on the bike, or take care of her pet bunny Tiger, Sofia constantly puts herself in the beginners seat and has somehow learned to enjoy it.


The Café Ride is an Instagram Live conversation series dedicated to telling the stories of amazing women, building community, and educating and inspiring fellow cyclists. This conversation series features women from various aspects of the cycling community. You’ll meet and hear stories from women who are recreational athletes, product developers, nutrition experts, or professional cyclists. The goal is to inspire, educate, and connect women from all over the world.

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