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Cafe Ride: How Laura King started a gravel event

By Reese Ruland


Laura King raced triathlon for 12 years until discovering she liked playing in the dirt even more — mountain bikes and gravel bikes took hold. She has worked in the cycling industry for over a decade, co-founded the Rooted Vermont Gravel race, is a consultant to organizations and brands in the outdoor space. Laura enjoys traveling the world as a family (husband Ted and daughter Hazel) to race and ride bikes, foster community, and encourage the growth of the sport.

The Café Ride is an Instagram Live conversation series dedicated to telling the stories of amazing women, building community, and educating and inspiring fellow cyclists. This conversation series features women from various aspects of the cycling community. You’ll meet and hear stories from women who are recreational athletes, product developers, nutrition experts, or professional cyclists. The goal is to inspire, educate, and connect women from all over the world.

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