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18 Best Bike Accessories for 2021: Bike Locks, Helmets & More

We pick 18 of our favorite bike accessories. From helmets to shorts to pumps, locks, tools and more, you can get dialed in for your regular rides.

Written by: Micah Ling

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Bike accessories
It takes more than just a bike to have a good, safe riding experience. Here are some of our top picks for all the gear that will keep you moving.


1. Best Bike Helmets

Best Road Helmet: POC Octal MIPS (CPSC)
POC Octal

Attractive, lightweight, and protective. With its distinctive large vents the POC Octal helmet provides optimal ventilation and comfort, while safety is heightened with extended coverage over the temples and around the back of the head. The EPS liner is strategically thicker in the most exposed areas to further enhance protection, and the fully wrapped unibody shell functions as a monocoque, enhancing structural integrity while maintaining a low weight.

Best Commuter Helmet: Thousand Heritage Helmet

Billed as the “non-embarrassing” helmet, this company is out to make helmets cool. For those that commute or run bike errands but don’t want the “cyclist” look, these lids will do the job and make you feel stylish. If you’ve ever thought bike helmets are too bulky, too inconvenient, and too futuristic-looking, this is the company for you.

Best Mountain Bike Racing Helmet: Fox Racing Speedframe Pro MIPS
Fox Speedframe

Trail riding and XC racing can offer quite a few dangers. The Fox Racing Speedframe Pro Bike Helmet has the distinction of having earned Virginia Tech’s best rating (5 STARS) in its Bicycle Helmet Ratings program. It features MIPS technology that works to reduce rotational forces in those instances when you do take a tumble on the trails.

Best Full-Face Helmet: Fox Racing Proframe
Fox ProFrame

The Fox Proframe Helmet is the original light full-face helmet and still the market leader. Designed to meet the needs of all-mountain riders and enduro racers, it packs MIPS technology and a dual-density EPS liner into a superlight shell with a fully integrated chinbar. The Proframe Helmet has 15 intake and nine exhaust vents which provide exceptional airflow and breathability on both climbs and descents.

2. Best Multitool: Park Tool IB-2

The best tool to have in your pocket or bike bag for all rides — road and trail. Strong, compact, and lightweight, the IB-2 features an I-Beam handle with 10 tools for any mid-ride fixes or adjustments. The tool includes: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8mm hex wrenches T25 Torx compatible driver Flat blade screwdriver.

3. Best Bike Bell: Lion Urban

Remember when you were a kid, the thrill you got out of ringing your bell? This is like that. Made in England, with retro brass, the look is retro and the sound is loud and clear. Ring for courtesy and safety as you commute or ride through busy areas

4. Best Beginner Padded Shorts for Women: Pearl Izumi W Escape Quest Cycling Shorts

A great first pair of padded shorts — top-tier comfort with a wallet-friendly price. Crafted from a stretchy Lycra blend, these shorts keep you moving with an unrestricted range of motion, which also allows them to breathe exceptionally well and wick sweat away from your skin when you're battling out an intense hill climb. Blended, edge-free cushioning comes to you in the Women's Select Escape 1:1 Chamois eat up harsh road chatter and absorb impact from bumpy roads. Silicone leg grippers hold the hems in place without being overly constrictive, and BioViz reflective elements bolster visibility for early morning and after work rides.

5. Best Beginner Padded Shorts for Men: Castelli Cento Short

If you’re new to cycling shorts, the Castelli Cento is your go-to. They fit better than most spandex. Using their Fondo Fit, there’s some extra space for your quads, and a more generous inseam to help you feel protected and comfortable.

6. Best U-Type Bike Lock: Kryptonite New York U-Lock

If you’ve lived and biked in New York City (Or any major city!), you know that bike theft is a serious problem. A lock that claims to be New York proof has to be the real deal. The 16mm hardened Max-performance steel resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks. The patented Hardened Steel Sleeve adds even more security, and the double deadbolt lock ensures extra holding power.

7. Best Water Bottle: Polar Bottle Breakaway Muck Insulated Bottle

This bottle was specifically designed for mountain bikers, gravel grinders, and all weather roadies. The Breakaway Muck Insulated water bottle features a Muckguard cap cover that protects the Surge valve from... well, muck. And that Surge Cap self seals to eliminated spills no matter the terrain. Plus, when you do slow down for a sip, the Tri-Layer insulation makes sure your beverage is still nice and cold.

8. Best Water Bottle Cage: Arundel Mandible Carbon Bottle Cage
Arundel Mandible cage

Feeling pro? The Mandible is the top Arundel model; its grip is the strongest of all Arundel cages. It’s great in extreme situations. Mandible cages have weathered the Grand Tours, the Spring Classics, Worlds, all of it. Durable and elegant.

9. Best Phone Mount: Delta Cycle XL Smartphone Holder

Whether you’re using a mapping app or just want your phone at the ready for a photo op, the Delta Cycle XL Smartphone holder is perfect for any enthusiast. Using a built-in lock mechanism, any plus-sized smartphone is secured safely with multiple grip points and bumpers, to prevent shock and reduce vibration on rough terrain. The holder has multiple mounting options, and is compatible with the iPhone 8+ Plus and Samsung Galaxy 9+ plus.

10. Best Speaker: Tribit Stormbox Micro

Taking an especially epic group ride and want to share some tunes? The Tribit Stormbox is a pocket-sized bluetooth speaker that you can take anywhere. It’s rugged, water resistant and dust proof! With a flexible tear-resistant strap, you can attach this little speaker to just about anything. It has up to 8 Hrs of Playtime with USB-C charging. Just be sure to use the speaker respectfully, especially on trails and where there are others around.

11. Best Cycling Computer: Hammerhead Karoo 2
Hammerhead Karoo2

The Hammerhead Karoo 2 puts your cycling experience first. The responsive touchscreen and large, glove-friendly buttons work seamlessly for easy operation and clear visualization of navigation and training data. Connect to your devices and services like Strava via Bluetooth, ANT+, Wifi, GPS, and even cellular data by adding a SIM card. When your adventures take you far from civilization, the Karoo 2 has your back with 14 hours of battery life, IP67 waterproofing and 32GB of storage to download maps for anywhere in the world.

12. Best LED Bike Lights: Light & Motion VIS Pro 1000
Light & Motion 1000

Have you ever wanted to start an epic ride before sunrise? Or do you commute home after sunset? The Light & Motion VIS Pro 1000 illuminates your ride so well that riding in the dark will no longer be intimidating. But it also doesn’t blind oncoming traffic in a way that could make things dangerous for them or you. The Vis Pro 1000 blends impressive power with the ability to run all day on portable power. City riders will appreciate the exclusive SafePulse beam, scientifically designed to provide the highest level of rider awareness without the risks associated with flashing lights. Easily mount on standard or oversize handlebars with a mount that provides enhanced grip and features quick-release technology to remove in seconds.

13. Best Floor Pump: JoeBlow Sport III

It’s easy to focus all of your attention on remedies for fixing a flat and filling a tire when you’re out on the road or trails, but it’s just as important to have a great floor pump for your home or garage. And it’s a good idea to check your tire pressure before each ride. The new JoeBlow III has long been the benchmark — it’s durable, reliable, and makes the chore of filling tires an absolute breeze. It also has some recent upgrades, such as an enlarged 3” chronograph inspired gauge and new hammer style TwinHead DX pump head. A durable steel barrel and base as well as ergonomic padded handle make this pump an excellent choice.

14. Best Bike Pannier: Ortlieb Back Roller Classic

These fully waterproof panniers have roll-top closures to seal out water. With 40L capacity (20 liters each) you can carry food, extra layers, camping essentials, school supplies, or just about anything you can imagine. They come as a pair, have inner pockets, large reflectors, carrying straps, and fit any rack up to 16mm in tube diameter.

15. Best Biking Backpack: Osprey Raptor 14 Hydration Pack
Osprey Raptor pack

Made to haul all the gear you need—but flexible enough to slim down for shorter rides—the Raptor 14 is a premium pack for mountain bikers. Don’t like how hydration packs feel over gnarly terrain? Neither did Osprey. So they designed shoulder straps in the shape of wings that curve the same way you do when you’re in riding position. An AirScape suspension and back panel provide a close-to-body carrying experience and elevate comfort and stability to unprecedented levels, while still allowing for dynamic body movement. An included 2.5-liter reservoir with direct-zip hose access ensures straightforward loading, while a tool roll organizes the ingredients to get you moving again should you have any trailside troubles. Standard helmets attach with their LidLock system and side compression straps will fit your full face helmet.

16. Best Rearview Mirror Kit: EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

This mirror has the flexibility to be mounted in various ways, but it also stays put. The rugged mirror incorporates the “Loc-Line” hose elements, a very large mirror, and a mounting system that works on any helmet.


No matter what type of bike you ride, there are plenty of tools and accessories that can make your next ride the best it can be. As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about gear or accessories for your next bike trip.Shop all accessories