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Baiku: Short Poems About the Joy of Riding

Haiku is the perfect form to distill my cycling passion into poetry. I've decided to call these bike-inspired poems "baiku." They attempt to capture some of the most memorable and powerful riding moments. Share your own bike haiku!    

Written by: Bruce Lin

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This past year has been busy and stressful, but I still managed to find a bit of time for riding. As I reflect on some of my favorite moments of the summer, I decided to transcribe my effusive joy for cycling into words.   

I'm no poet, but haiku are easy to grasp. Many of us learned to write haiku in grade school. The basic form contains 17 syllables, written in a 5/7/5-syllable count structure. In the Japanese tradition, they often focus on images of nature and emphasize simplicity, intensity, and directness of expression.

Haiku is the perfect form to distill my passion for cycling into a short and easy to digest poem. I've decided to call these new bike-focused poems "baiku." They are my attempt to capture some of the most memorable and powerful riding moments of my season. 

Party Invite

Mountain biking poetryEach bump in the trail
is just an invitation
to soar like a bird

A Decisive Victory

Road Biking poetryMy legs are burning
but I pedal through the pain
until nothing’s left

The Spirit of Exploration

Mountain Biking PoetryThe trail before me
hides small secrets and wonder
waiting to be found

The Truth of Gravel Grinding

Gravel riding poetryMy hands are so numb
Every pedal stroke I pray
this washboard will end

Wake Up Ride

Road Biking PoetryThe morning air chills —
but the rising sun gives me
strength to keep climbing

Bonus: My Reward

All of these cookies
Will be inside my stomach
When I’m done riding


Share your own bike haiku! Surely many of you are more passionate, more artistic, or more clever than I. Leave your baiku in the comments and show me what you've got!