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Dream Bike Quiver: Metal bikes only

Metal bikes are more affordable and tougher than carbon. So I put together a dream bike quiver made up of the finest aluminum, steel, and titanium road, gravel, and mountain bikes. 

Written by: Bruce Lin

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I might be the biggest metalhead at The Pro’s Closet. I love aluminum, steel, and titanium bikes. If it’s made of metal, I’m into riding it. 

High-quality metal bikes are often more affordable than their carbon counterparts. They feel tougher and more industrial. And they make me happy. It’s why I chose a metal road bike frame for my dream “forever bike” build. And it’s why I’m putting together a dream bike quiver made up of the finest metal bikes. Here’s what I came up with. 


Specialized Allez SprintRoad Bike: Specialized Allez Sprint - $3,499.99

It’s almost become a joke at this point, how much I love the Allez Sprint, but there’s good reason. Specialized made its flagship aluminum road bike as aerodynamic as the first-generation Venge. And thanks to D'Aluisio Smartweld technology, which moves the traditional weld points, it’s incredibly stiff. It’s perfect for handling fast road races, crits, and the massive wattage my titanic quads put out during sprints. 

Moots Routt 45Gravel bike: Moots Routt 45 - $9,636.99

Titanium and gravel grinding are like peanut butter and jelly. Both good on their own, but together they are greater than the sum of their parts. Excuse my dramatics, but I love handbuilt titanium gravel bikes like this Moots Routt 45 because they feel mature and refined. The looks are understated, but the AXS drivetrain and carbon wheels hint at its performance. With clearance for 45mm tires, it’ll tackle any road and do it fast.

Norco TorrentHardtail MTB: Norco Torrent - $2,999.99

Simple and reliable, you can’t go wrong with a classic steel hardtail. But you might go wrong if you get too sendy with old-school geometry. That’s why I prefer a “hardcore hardtail” like this Norco Torrent. It has a slack 64° head angle, 150mm fork, long reach, and ultra-low standover so it can shred tough trails. It will also be an efficient option for flow trails and all-day epics. 

Knolly WardenFull-suspension MTB: Knolly Warden - $5,198.99

I’ll compliment that hardtail with a capable full-suspension for downhill tracks and bike park trips. The beefy Knolly Warden is all about confidence and traction. It uses a patented Fourby4 suspension system that keeps the rear end glued to the ground when you’re anchoring up on super steep trails. Smaller 27.5” wheels keep it playful for jibbing down trails and throwing massive whips.

Sklar Custom rigid singlespeedTownie: Sklar Custom - $4,336.99

I love Sklar’s old-school curved top tubes and couldn’t resist adding an American-made beauty to the quiver. This custom rigid steel singlespeed won’t see much action with the Norco and the Knolly in the quiver, but it will be perfect for chill cruises with the family. Maybe I’ll ride it around town — the most stylish (and expensive) bar bike ever. I’ll be sure to carry multiple U-locks. 

Pegoretti New Love #3Just one more: Pegoretti New Love #3 - $6,399.99

I was going to limit this quiver to five bikes, but c’mon, you can’t have a dream bike quiver without a sexy Italian in the mix! Dario Pegoretti has always been one of my favorites thanks to his history of building bikes for legends like Miguel Induráin and his wild paint jobs. This aluminum New Love #3 wasn’t built by the master himself (Dario passed in 2018) but it carries on his spirit. 

Total cost: $32,072.94

Would you actually spend over 30 grand on a quiver full of metal bikes? Even I would call that crazy. The Moots Routt 45, Sklar, and Pegoretti New Love #3 are definitely on the bougie end of the metal bike spectrum, shooting up the total cost. But it is a dream quiver after all. 

I am impressed with the value of bikes like the Specialized Allez Sprint and the Norco Torrent. They give you a lot of performance without breaking the bank, which is why I love aluminum and steel frames in the first place. 


Did I make good choices? Do metal bikes even belong in a dream bike quiver? What would you have chosen? Let me know in the comments!

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