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Evil Insurgent MX 29 X01 i9 Hydra
Mountain Bike, Large

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The new Insurgent celebrates the long send. With more travel, 168mm versus 150mm on the Insurgent v1, it’s an on-command jump, drift, manual, pop, trail mulching machine. This is a bike built for the stuff that happens when one isn’t timed or judged. So cut the rhetoric. Cut the tape. Cut the corners by clearing them completely, switchback to switchback and back into the future. The Insurgent doesn’t try to win enduro tracks. It shreds them. This Evil Insurgent is a mixed-wheel 29”/27.5” MX mullet version for increased front wheel traction, steeper lines, heavy slabs and chunder crushing. Party in the back. Party harder in the front. Enter the Insurgent.

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