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Yeti SB150 Bikes & Framesets For Sale

Shop new & used Yeti SB150 MTBs for sale at TPC - The Pro's Closet. Find reviews, specs, weight info, prices, and size charts on various models and popular years (2021, 2022, etc). Read our Yeti SB150 Quick-Take Review below.

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The 150 of the name refers to the rear travel. The SB150 is nominally Yeti’s enduro bike, but being Yeti, the bike can handle much more. This platform is very much an update of the Yeti SB5.5, receiving the longer, lower, slacker treatment. This is an enduro bike that climbs with the best. 

2022 Yeti SB150 - Weight, Specs, Price

Yeti SB150 


Wheel Size

Frame Travel (mm)






For the rear end, the success has to do with their Switch Infinity linkage, which, thanks to tweaking leverage ratios, rides like bikes with more travel. For the front, nimble steering is achieved with a 65° head angle, something that really comes in handy on grinding climbs.

2022 Yeti SB150 T2 Review - A TPC Rider's Quick Take

The 2022 Yeti SB150 T2 is known for its aggressive descending prowess without sacrificing too much uphill performance, begging to be unleashed on the trails.


  • Unrivaled Descending Capability
  • The 150mm of rear travel and slack geometry make it an absolute monster when pointed down. It eats up big hits and technical terrain with an almost reckless abandon. The longer wheelbase and lower bottom bracket height add to the bike's stability at speed.
  • Switch Infinity Suspension
  • Yeti's Switch Infinity suspension is at its best on the SB150. It provides a smooth, plush ride that handles small bumps and big hits with equal aplomb. On climbs, it remains efficient enough to keep you moving forward without feeling bogged down.
  • Premium Components
  • The T2 build comes equipped with top-notch components, including a Fox Factory 38 Grip2 fork and X2 shock, an SRAM X01 Eagle drivetrain, and Yeti's 800mm carbon handlebar. This bike screams quality and durability.


  • Steep Price Tag
  • Yeti's T2 build is a high-end offering with a price to match. This top-tier build is an investment, and it might be beyond the reach of many riders at $9,500.
  • Not an XC Climber
  • While the SB150 is no slouch on the climbs, it can't match the uphill performance of lighter, more focused cross-country bikes. If your rides involve a lot of ascending or you prioritize uphill speed, the SB150 might not be the perfect match.
  • Weight
  • The SB150 T2 is not the lightest bike on the trail. Its enduro-focused build adds a few extra pounds, although contributing to its downhill stability, which might be felt on longer climbs and endurance rides.

The Bottom Line

The 2022 Yeti SB150 T2 is an adrenaline junkie’s dream. Its downhill capabilities are hard to match, and it retains respectable uphill performance. The premium components and advanced suspension design make for a truly remarkable ride, though it comes with a hefty price tag and a weight penalty.

If you're a rider who lives for gravity-fed thrills, the SB150 T2 is a heavenly match. Its combination of downhill performance, plush suspension, and quality components will let you push your boundaries. However, the high cost and weight might give some riders pause. Ultimately, the SB150 T2 is a commitment to downhill dominance, a commitment that comes with exhilarating returns.

TPC - Rider’s Contrarian Take:

The SB150 checks all the boxes for my ideal bike. Only having a single enduro bike in my quiver, the SB150 felt familiar and eagerly ate up my local trails. Technically the SB150 is now old news with 2023 SB160, but if you can get your hands on one for a discounted price like at TPC, I would highly recommend it. 

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