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2023 Specialized S-Works Torch Review - A TPC Quick-Take


The Specialized S-Works Torch Road Bike Shoes combine comfort and performance for serious cyclists. These shoes are a testament to Specialized's commitment to innovation in cycling footwear.

The S-Works Torch Road Bike Shoes focus on providing unexpected comfort and performance for a wider audience. The ground-up design is based on a new, wider carbon sole 4mm wider than the outgoing S-Works 7's, making it an ideal choice for individuals with wider feet. Despite the increased width, the shoes maintain a lightweight construction, with the size 42 shoe weighing 225g, the same overall as the old S-Works 7. The wider fit, coupled with the lightweight design, make these shoes a compelling option for cyclists seeking both comfort and performance.



  • Comfort: The shoes feature a wide toe box and a foot-friendly curved shape, ensuring a snug fit without bunching, ideal for long rides.
  • Lightweight Design: Weighing approximately 274g for size 47, these shoes offer a lightweight experience.
  • Sturdy Construction: The outsoles are sleek and robust, with rubberized sections for walking and a reinforced toe area for durability.
  • Performance: Despite their comfort-oriented design, the Torch shoes excel in performance, holding the foot securely during high-effort rides.


  • Limited Venting: The shoes have less venting compared to some models, with only a small intake port at the front and no exit port.
  • Price: Retailing at around $450, they are an investment, potentially a hurdle for budget-conscious cyclists.
  • Limited Color Options: Some users may find the color options limited, potentially restricting their ability to match the shoes with different cycling kits.

Bottom Line

The Specialized S-Works Torch Road Bike Shoes stand out as a top-tier option in Specialized’s road shoe lineup, balancing performance with all-day comfort. While the price point is high, their quality and design justify the investment for serious riders. Ideal for those seeking a mix of performance and comfort in their cycling experience, these shoes are expected to maintain their quality and appeal over time.