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OneUp Dropper Posts

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OneUp Components has set a new standard in dropper posts with their third-generation V3 Dropper Post. This innovative product, the result of over three years of rigorous development, outperforms the celebrated V2 in every aspect. It's more lightweight, operates smoother, and surpasses its predecessor in reliability. The V3 boasts the least stack and total length among dropper posts, making it the most efficient dropper to fit your bike.

Embracing Lightness and Versatility

The V3 Dropper Post is currently the lightest infinitely adjustable dropper in the market, lighter even than XC-specific models. Available in a broad spectrum of travel options, it caters to riders of varied heights and styles. The design refinement and weight reduction in almost every component make the V3 Dropper a whopping 60 to 70 grams lighter than the V2. The new hydraulic cartridge contributes the most to this weight saving, eliminating the need for inflation.

Comparative Weight Analysis

Compared to competitor's models, the V3 Dropper Post proves its mettle by being 238g lighter than a Reverb AXS, 155g lighter than a Transfer, and up to 60g lighter than the 2-position Transfer SL. Opting for the Ti Bolt Upgrade Kit trims an additional 10g off.

Enhanced Features for Greater Performance

The V3 Dropper Post incorporates enhancements riders have been yearning for - better seals, reduced play, and smoother action. The all-new cartridge requires 75% less lever force when seated, enabling faster and easier saddle adjustment. Bushings made from low-friction, self-lubricating IGUS material and increased bushing overlap reduce friction considerably. The high-performance collar features a custom SKF wiper seal to keep dirt out and grease in, ensuring smoother, longer-lasting operation. Two oversized polymer pins have been added to eliminate rotational play without increasing friction.

V3 Dropper Post Specifications

Travel options: 







Weight varies by diameter ranging from 325g to 765g. Total length extends from 295mm to 610mm, with compressed stack height at 30mm (25mm for 34.9). Diameter options include 27.2, 30.9, 31.6, and 34.9. The V3 comes with a 2-year warranty.

Pricing and Pairing

The standalone V3 Dropper Post is priced at $269.99, while the V3 Remote is available for $44.99. An attractive bundle of V3 Dropper Post + V3 Remote can be purchased for $299.99.

Easy Maintenance 

The V3 Dropper Post can be fully disassembled in less than 10 minutes using only a 14mm wrench, a 5mm hex, and a 2mm hex. No special tools or shipping is required for maintenance. The post requires no air pressure adjustment and has extended service intervals: 120 hours for clean and grease, and 350 hours for rebuild.

V3 vs. V2: The Improvements

The V3 is lighter than the V2 by 60-70g. A reduction in breakaway force by 75% and smoother actuation have also been improved. The addition of IGUS self-lubricating bushings, a low friction SKF Seal, and a 100% recyclable new cartridge further enhance the V3. 

Upgrade Options for V2

OneUp also offers new upgrades for V2, such as the V2.1 Collar with SKF Seal upgrade and the Ti Bolt upgrade kit, both compatible with the V2 and available for purchase through OneUp.