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HED Carbon Wheels & Wheelsets For Sale

Bikes are meant
to be used.

HED wheels are next-level speed no matter your terrain. HED says “Innovation Has No Finish Line,” so you get world-class tech and that sparkly sensation that follows. Zoom zoom. 

HED Carbon Wheels 

HED tri wheels and HED road bike wheels started with discs in ‘84, deep dish in ‘89, then carbon fiber and tri spokes just after. HED is still wind tunneling to reduce drag and increase speed. 

C2 HED Rims 

HED rims blew minds, and reduced aero drag and rolling resistance when they debuted the C2 HED rims. Rim limits? HED still doesn’t see them.

HED Wheels Comparison Chart - Ardennes RA, Ardennes LT Plus, Emporia GA Pro Silver Edition, Vanquish RC4, Stinger 6

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 HED Ardennes RAHED Ardennes LT PlusHED Emporia GA Pro Silver EditionHED Vanquish RC4HED Stinger 6
Wheel OrientationWheelsetWheelsetWheelsetWheelsetWheelset
TypeRoad WheelsRoad WheelsRoad WheelsRoad WheelsRoad Wheels
Rim TypeTubelessTubelessTubelessTubelessTubular
Front Axle Spacing12x100mm (Thru-Axle)15x100mm (Thru-Axle)12x100mm (Thru-Axle)12x100mm (Thru-Axle)-
Rear Axle Spacing12x142mm12x142mm12x142mm12x142mm9x100mm (Quick Release)
Rim Inner Width21 mm25 mm25 mm21.5 mmN/A
Rim Outer Width25 mm21 mm30 mm30 mm27 mm
Rim Depth24.5 mm25 mm24 mm40 mm60 mm
Freehub BodyShimanoShimanoSRAM XDRShimano-
HubsHED GP PerformanceHED Sonic BlackHED Performance DiscHEDHED Carbon
Spoke Count24/2424/2424 / 2424/2418
Brake TypeDisc CenterlockDisc CenterlockDisc CenterlockDisc CenterlockRim
Valve TypePrestaPrestaPrestaPrestaPresta
SkewersSkewers Not IncludedSkewers Not IncludedSkewers Not IncludedSkewers Not IncludedSkewer Not Included
Intended UseRoadRoadRoadRoadRoad
Weight1600 grams1400 grams1580 grams1720 grams630 grams