Saris TD1 Trainer Desk with USB/AC Socket drive side Saris TD1 Trainer Desk with USB/AC Socket non-drive side

Saris TD1 Trainer Desk with USB/AC Socket

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All these smart trainers and training apps are all well and good, but trying to balance your tablet on your handlebars or keeping your computer on a table four feet away reduces the level of engagement you can have with your interactive apps. That’s where the Saris TD1 Trainer Desk with a USB and AC socket will help transform your stationary bike experience. Designed with an adjustability to suit your position while sitting on the bike, the 12 inch x 20 inch tabletop is made from laminated birch which they have used to keep any sweat or sticky power drink clean up easy. But what makes this Trainer Desk so useful is the built-in power strip with 2 AC and 2 USB outlets. You’ve probably noticed some of these training apps can be quite a drain on unplugged-in tablets and PCs. Now you can be certain everything can be close enough to control while remaining charged up. With a base made from stainless corrosion-resistant steel, the TD1 Trainer Desk is designed to last. It slips perfectly into the Saris indoor trainer line-up, including the MP1 trainer platform that can introduce a significant amount of realistic movement to your static training. The table itself has a six foot AC cord with built-in cord retention clips to help manage the cord for a clean look. The Saris TD1 Trainer Desk is compatible with Type B electrical outlets that you will find in North America and Japan.

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