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What Is My Used Bicycle Worth?

By Jarrad Lokes
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It's a question we encounter daily, 'How much money can I get for my used bicycle?' We are here to walk you through The Pro's Closet internal process to help you determine the value of your used bike.

Before we begin, if your bike had an original MSRP of more than $1500 and you need help determining your bike's value, we can generate a custom value for you within 24 hours, simply click here. 

Let's say you want to sell your 2013 Specialized Enduro Comp mountain bike. You've upgraded some of the components and it's in good condition.

To obtain an estimate for your bike, enter the size, brand, frame material and year on the top search bar on our website, else select the appropriate filters on the sidebar.

Now you will see the selling price for similar bikes. If your bike is similar to these bikes in terms of size, brand, frame, condition, and components, this gives you a rough estimate of the selling price for your bike.

Unlike pre-owned cars, pre-owned bikes are usually customized by their owners. Each comes with unique components which makes it hard to obtain a definitive value when searching similar listings online. 

For this reason, we have our pre-owned bike advisors ready to help you determine your bike's worth. 

The Pro's Closet Bike Advisors

You'll give us your bike's brand, the condition of your bike and any upgrades along with photos of the bike's drive side and non-drive side. We analyze your bike using our 12-year old database of sold listings. Within 24 hours, we email you the worth of your bike.

When you use The Pro's Closet to sell your pre-owned bicycle, you'll get the most value out of your bicycle. Our staff of professional photographers, auction managers, shipping experts, mechanics and bike advisors work together to make your bicycle ready for sale, provide quality customer service, and ship your bike to its new home.  

For more information, visit our Sell Your Bike Page.