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Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Things on Matthew's list

By Matthew Ankeny


Matthew's holiday wish list
These days, performance is a long forgotten feature of my rides. Now, most of my pleasures come from optimizing the look and feel of my setup. Speed? KOMs? Nope. Any real sense of fitness? No chance. A fantastic looking setup? The only thing that matters in life.

Thus, some of the gifts on my wish list may seem superfluous to a more lithe rider. To you I say, don’t lose focus on what’s most important. It’s not who finishes the climb first, it’s who looks the best in the aprés-ride photo. Happy holiday shopping and never, ever forget to reward yourself. You deserve it.

Sillycybin socks
Radavist Sillycybin Wool socks - $15.00

Nothing says clout like the right pair of socks. I rotate socks nearly seasonally, and I can’t wait to rock these colorful numbers soon. Note: Not edible.

Bondhus wrenches
Bondhus GoldGuard Plated L hex wrench set - $24.99

Who in their right mind needs gold-plated hex wrenches? No one. But good lord these things look gloriously absurd and one can never have too many hex wrench sets.

Lizard Skins bar tape
Lizard Skins DSP 3.2mm bar tape - $43.99

I’ve equipped my gravel bike with Lizard Skins for the last five years, and I’m not going back. Perfectly supple, great sweat absorption, incredibly durable, this is my favorite gravel bar tape.

The Radavist Jackal hat
Radavist Jackal Camp hat - $45.00

Remember aprés-ride swag? Yep. Could you rock a manufacturer hat, sure. But what you really need is a deep cut featuring the wily jackal. And get a matching sticker for your helmet, while you’re at it.

Fox Power Ranger jersey
Fox Racing Ranger Power Dry SS jersey - $79.95

Winter in Southern California means night mountain biking season, a.k.a my favorite time of the year. This subtle jersey is a great fit for year-round adventures.

POC Do Blade shades
POC Do Blade Sunglasses - $137.99

A while back, I left Oakley eyewear for POC, and I didn’t regret it at all. These medium-sized frames are great for wind/element protection, fit perfectly on the face, and have crisp, clear lenses. When everyone goes for the latest fad, I’ll stick with these now-classic frames.

Hammerhead Karoo 2
Hammerhead Karoo 2 GPS cycling computer - $399.00

I love progress. Just absolutely love it. And this Karoo 2 is a beacon of progress. As someone who even mountain bikes with a computer (gasp!), I love the layout and functionality of this computer. It’s the closest thing to an Apple product you are allowed to mount on your bars.

Cannondale Topstone frame
Cannondale Topstone Carbon Frameset - $1,798.99

I need Thomas to repaint my Horse Gravel Monster (long story), and this may be the perfect interim frame. My only fear: I’m going to love this too much. That Kingpin “suspension” will become addicting. I need all the weight savings I can get. I am sorry, Thomas. I will definitely love your paint more, but I may never return from this (until I want to repaint it).

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