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Technician Spotlight: Joey C.

Meet The Pro's Closet Bike Technician Joey C. who serviced and certified your pre-owned bike.

Written by: Bruce Lin

Published on:

Posted in:Mechanic Spotlight

 The Pro's Closet Mechanics

How long have you been a bike tech?
Nearly 2 years

How long have you worked with mechanical things?
Since I was a teenager - I was always tinkering on stuff

What are your specialties?
Internal routing - Di2, shifting cables, and housing for internal frames

What are your certifications?

  • PBMA Certified Mechanic
  • SRAM Technical University
  • Shimano S-TEC

What do you most enjoy about being a bike tech?
Every bike is like a puzzle. I like solving the different problems to piece the bike together so it works well.

Where are you from?

Road, Mountain or Gravel?
Road - I've been road biking since I was 10

What’s your favorite ride?
Riding up Lefthand Canyon to Ward. When in Ward, I get a cookie and Coca-Cola at the general store. 

What’s your post ride treat?
I read science fiction books. I recommend The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Starship Troopers, and Dune.