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Mechanic Spotlight: Joey Coringrato

By Jarrad Lokes

Joey Certified Mechanic

Skrrrrrt! is the sound Joey makes every morning when he skids into the shop. He is the very embodiment of Tarck. There’s no cartilage left in his long gangly legs after countless skids, but that doesn’t stop him lighting the afterburners day after day. Many times he’s whipped out the brakeless track-mobile for fast group rides and put the roadie purists to shame with savage high cadence pulls. Not surprising as Joey is the current TPC velodrome champ, holding the fastest recorded flying lap in the shop. To add to his accolades, he’s also the Dark Horse Trike Racing World Champion. This man has depth. A Boulder native, he tried living in Boston and Pittsburgh, but the weather and the power of true love ultimately drove him back. He studied mechanical engineering at CU and the University of Pittsburgh and TPC is actually his first job in the cycling industry. Before this he worked designing kevlar vests and, as you can probably tell from his mustache, he was a master barista. He did have a beard for 7 years, but it was sacrificed in the name of aerodynamics and now the mustache has become the talisman of his fixie powers.


  • Shimano, SRAM, or Campagnolo?
    • Shimano
    • Lycra or baggies?
      • Lycra
    • Quiver...
      • Felt Brougham, Ritchey Logic, Kona Jake the Snake
    • Certifications...
      • PBMA Certified Mechanic
      • SRAM Technical University
      • Shimano S-TEC