SRAM Force AXS Flattop Chain 12 Speed 114 Links drive side

SRAM Force AXS Flattop Chain 12 Speed 114 Links

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Adding another gear to a drivetrain is not just a question of simple math. Getting 12 gears in the space which formally held 11 is a huge undertaking and impacts nearly every aspect of a groupset. That’s why you’ll be wanting to go with the SRAM Force AXS Flatop Chain for 12 speeds. Necessarily thinner to accommodate the thinner cogs and chain rings required for a 12-speed, this chain comes with 114 links, which should be sufficient to work with most road gear ratios. SRAM’s Flattop technology has been developed to allow the chain plates to be thinner without sacrificing any strength or durability. The effectiveness of the design also means that the chain is lighter, quieter, more responsive, and longer lasting. Sounds crazy, right? But the hard chrome plated inner and outer plates ensure greater durability and faster, more precise shifts.

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