Mavic Women's Sequence H20 Jacket Pirate

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Why We Love It
When the rain comes, you have two options: One, don’t ride. Two, stick to your plan and ride no matter what. Option two is the one you want, and this jacket makes it easier to choose that route—and do so comfortably. It’s made with a triple-layer waterproof fabric that keeps you dry even in heavy rain. It’s also lightweight and breathable to prevent overheating on climbs and hard efforts, when your body heat builds up. The inside has a soft, cozy feel that won’t feel cold against your skin. It’s designed with an anatomic shape made specifically for your riding position, and every detail has been fully thought out: a waterproof zipper; adjustable cuff, and reflective panels to make you more visible in rainy, low-light conditions. Always choose the ride option.
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