Argon 18 Nitrogen Road Bike - 2016, Large

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Road Race Weapon

Why We Love It
Argon 18 seems to have narrowed their focus on 3 things with the Nitrogen: Aerodynamics, Low Weight, Extreme Power Transfer. We don't want to mis-lead, so if you're looking for an Argon 18 with compliance and comfort in mind, we would encourage you to look at the Krypton. Now, if you're looking for a road bike with uncompromised speed and performance in mind, you're in the right place! The response from the frame when you put power to the pedals is incredible. It's immediately clear when hopping aboard the Nitrogen that the frame is taking full advantage of your precious watts to power the bike forward with maximum efficiency. To ensure that power transfer isn't going to waste, Argon 18 put tireless effort into a super slippery frame that cuts through the air with ease.

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