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Carbon, Aluminum, Titanium, Steel. There are alot of choices out there.

Captivating Carbon

Much of the cycling industry is lured in by the shiny promises of carbon and for good reason. Its capabilities are the most versatile and has seemingly limitless potential. It can be lightweight, stiff and responsive, aerodynamic and take on any shape a manufacturer can dream up.

"I've had the privilege to ride a wide variety of bikes and I keep coming back to carbon. From a titanium Litespeed Ghisallo to an aluminum Trek Crockett, a steel Eddy Merckx and most recently a carbon ENVE Custom Road. While each material brings its own unique characteristics, I love how carbon, in a way, summarizes all of them to be the ultimate bike, for me at least. From the light ride quality, responsive and direct handling, to the aesthetics of being able to run fully integrated cables and housing and a beautiful paint schemes." - Johann, Catalog Supervisor

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Aw-Inspiring Aluminum

While brands like Cannondale have been making high performance aluminum for decades, dozens of brands now make incredible aluminum frames whether you ride gravel, single track or the open road. From boutique brands to house-hold names, there's an aluminum option that'll make you smile. 

"Is it the fact that there are a few different ways to pronounce aluminum?  Is it the way aluminum feels when cornering or the peace of mind I get racing crits without worrying about destroying an expensive road machine? No matter what hill I climb or road race I sign up for I always come back to my Specialized Allez Sprint. I can't deny that through the training season I find a thin layer of dust on my carbon road bike." - Richard, Catalog Specialist

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Tantilizing Titanium

When it comes to high performance metal, it's hard to match titanium. It delivers the best blend of a feather-light frame with a supple ride and bombproof durabillity.

"Exceptional ride quality, durable and just plain beautiful. Titanium checks all of the boxes for me. Ti brings comfort, with just enough flex in all of the right places. For me this is a game changer for the style of riding I prefer. There is a reason Ti bikes are known as forever bikes, once you ride one you’ll never give it up." - Sheldon, ECommerce Merchandiser

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For a smooth, supple ride and durability that'll last for decades - steel has a real appeal.

"The durability, supple ride quality and just classic aesthetics is why I'm frequently drawn to steel." - Mark, CX Rep

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