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Meet our family

Nick Martin

Founder // CEO

In the early days of The Pro’s Closet (TPC), Nick studied eBay and sold pre-owned bikes and gear to attain his cycling dream. Nick tapped into the value of the things around him and sold everything he owned, minus his bike. This allowed him to pursue his dream of mountain bike racing at the top level without having to look for another ‘job’.

Since 2006, Nick has applied his drive, focus, and passion as a pro to organically build the largest pre-owned bike shop in the world. When you meet Nick he’ll say, “This is my first job and I’m still learning every day.” He values mistakes and the lessons learned from each, and his secret to success is the people around him. “Be humble,” he says, “Appreciate someone every day and be consistent.” He’s a big proponent of living a lean lifestyle, minimalism and removing waste from processes. He applies this philosophy at work and at home, getting rid of one thing each day. When Nick isn’t growing TPC he is spending time with his family or recharging his batteries by working on his land.



For April, it was a bit of destiny that brought her to TPC. Her grandparents came to Boulder in 1922, perhaps with the foreknowledge that their granddaughter would embody the traits of a true Boulder native: an enduring love of the mountains and the outdoors. Her grandparents were truly wise, because she’s the exact type to be drawn to TPC, someone who thrives on our enthusiasm for a healthy and adventurous lifestyle. April rides both bikes and motorcycles, exploring all the great wide open back roads that Colorado has to offer with her husband and big, black labraramer (a lab/weimaraner mix). She received a Master’s in Finance from CSU Global and has been in the cycling industry for 20 years, making her the perfect Controller to keep TPC’s money in order. Because with all the eye candy around, none of us can be trusted with the cash (though she has admitted to ogling more than a few fine machines). April loves continuing on her eternal journey of learning everything she can about this big, silly planet we’re all on. But really, there’s no place she’d rather live than right here in beautiful Boulder, CO, where all the bikes and mountains are.



Bobby hails from the scarcely pronounceable town of Oconomowoc, WI, but he’ll usually just say Milwaukee to make things easy. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography. After braving many of Milwaukee’s harsh winters he escaped here to the Front Range and, like a true hardman, came to find it mild in comparison. Perhaps more importantly though, it was filled with endless opportunities for adventure. An avid outdoorsman, his favorite thing to do is go backcountry snowboarding with his Collie, Whiskey. In the summer you’ll find him playing disc golf, long boarding with his dog, and camping. If you ask him to play you a tune he’ll bust out his guitar or ukulele for you. Also an art history nerd, he tries to live his life by the Flemish motto of Dutch painter Jan Van Eyck and American craftsman Gustav Stickly: “Als Ik Kan” – “To the best of my ability.” No matter his profession he tries living each day without cutting corners or compromising on quality. It’s this special type of energy and drive that brought him to TPC. He’s worked with National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Player Tribune, Peck School of the Arts, and several other companies. Thanks to these experiences and the influence of those equally passionate about the trade, he remains driven to pursue what he loves–photography.



Brian is the guy who’s alway there early in the morning to be snarky and give you a good laugh. He comes from Detroit, Michigan, Motor City, or as he fondly (or not fondly) refers to it, “a frozen tundra.” He made his way here to Boulder, Colorado to escape all the iced over cars, and discover the joys of pedalling bikes in the sunshine. Maybe he came to the wrong place though, because Brian is a true midwesterner and is all about riding flat and fast. Circuit races and crits are his jam. But hey, tilt your head enough and the mountains look pretty flat, don’t they? What’s impressive though, regardless of what Brian’s riding, is that he does it all as a Type 1 diabetic. He’s truly the type of rider who instills hope and inspires people affected by diabetes through his cycling pursuits and his brief exploits as an MMA superstar. He’s a bike geek with 5 years experience as a bike mechanic, but even more years experience as a smoker of fine meats. He’s not even joking when he tells people that he’ll take 12 hours out his day just to smoke meat in his backyard. His favorites are pork shoulder and ribs, and pulled chicken. Seriously, bring him some meat to smoke and he’ll smoke it good, just for you.


Merchandise Associate / Content Writer

Bruce was born in the cornfields of Iowa City, but grew up tending rice paddies and sugarcane in Guangdong Province where he spent his lazy farm days dreaming of returning to America. He wanted nothing more than to escape into the mountains and be closer to the sky. He came to Colorado to realize this dream. While in Boulder he studied English at The University of Colorado, and received an MFA in creative writing. When not at work, he’s outside playing in the dirt, searching for the limits of his body. No matter the bike or terrain, he loves to hurt. “When my heart is ready to explode, and my legs are filled with acid, and my vision narrows into a dark tunnel of pain, I sometimes feel like I could touch heaven itself.” When Bruce’s legs die and he’s finally forced to retire, he hopes he can become a mediocre hip hop artist.


Customer Experience Manager

Charlie’s from “The Good Land” of Milwaukee, at least he thought it was the good land. Things change when you go out into the world and really live. He’s visited and ridden places most other mountain bikers can only dream of visiting, every state in the lower 48, New Zealand, and Taiwan. The soil that’s touched his tires is the soil of dreams, full of moisture and traction. Yet somehow he decided to leave all that behind and come settle down with the dry, dusty kitty litter of Colorado singletrack. Before his life of travelling and shredding, he received his Marketing degree from the University of Wisconsin, and worked at a large marketing firm. It’s there that he came to understand the drags of corporate America and vowed to escape into the joys of cycling. So now he uses his unflappable personality to help TPC customers leave satisfied and ready to shred. Then afterwards he does some shredding himself, tearing up the TPC group rides.


Digital Media Manager

An academic from the shores of MA, Chris came to Boulder with aspirations of aligning his professional and recreational lifestyles. With picturesque mountains lining the city, Boulder presented Chris the perfect opportunity to explore his passion for rock climbing and photography. He left a lot behind in his cross-country move but he was sure to bring along his very first bicycle, the Schwinn Predator Monster BMX bike with Skyway Mags. A gem for sure! At TPC, Chris uses his extensive camera knowledge to push our Photography Department to new levels. In the 80’s, Chris spent his weekends rocking Adidas jumpsuits battling with his break dance crew.


Graphic Designer

Dan was a young boy weaving bait bags for a wicked local lobsterman in Damariscotta, Maine, when one fateful day the harsh New England weather literally blew his socks off. Fearing the stinging chill against his toes he gave chase, and years later, he finally caught them. When at last he had a chance to stop and look around, he had arrived in Boulder, Colorado, and the amazing Front Range scenery blew his socks off again. He’s stayed here ever since. Dan went to UMass Dartmouth for Illustration/Design and uses his mad art skills to make TPC beautiful. Between catching lobsters and joining TPC, he was also a former bike courier and did the art for the North American Cycling Courier Championship. Using his artistic skills, he spent time at an ad agency playing Mad Men for a while, before realizing he needed to follow his passion for cycling and joined TPC. He’s a guy who loves stopping mid ride to get a sandwich or tacos, and finding those tiny independently owned shops out in the middle of nowhere where you can grab a snack and a coke. If he can keep his socks on, there’s no better place to do it than here.


Marketplace Manager

The first time David went skydiving he jumped out of the plane solo. Some even say he had no chute and that he made it to the ground by grabbing his instructor like Keanu Reeves grabbed Patrick Swayze in Point Break. Maybe it was this same sense of adventure that drove him to pack up and leave Nashville, Tennessee for Colorado. Like many he came for the mountains, but more so to be in the center of the American Cycling industry. He shares TPC’s energy and enthusiasm about bikes and loves helping people sell their old equipment, whether it’s to help them fund a new bike, or just clean out their garage. His own bikes are ever changing, but he always keeps at least one road bike and one mountain bike. His favorite type of rides are long epics out on singletrack or deserted gravel roads. In solitude there is joy, and it’s on these long rides, deep into the quiet beauty of the mountains, free of people and the constraints of normal life, that he’s able find his own small piece of nirvana. And if not there, he can find it in an oven, cooking and baking, making all sorts of delicious sweets for the TPC crew.


Assistant Mechanic Department Manager

David, the mechanic department’s second in command, emerged long ago from the dusty red sands of the Arizona desert. He doesn’t remember how long he had been buried, incubating like a reptilian egg beneath the shimmering Flagstaff sun. He stumbled through our doors after months of wandering the American west, barefoot, begging for water in exchange for repairing bikes. He guzzled almost an entire water cooler and then we set him to work. Little is known of his past, but he’s proved himself to be one of the best darned mechanics we’ve ever seen. David doesn’t like to talk much, not surprising since he received his Masters in Communication from the Colorado School of Mimes. But don’t let his cool demeanor fool you. He’s a big softy who loves giving bear hugs, especially when you put that first scratch on your bike. When he’s not wrenching at the shop, he’s riding. When he’s not riding he’s making cryptic, alien looking sand art, and staring at the stars through one of his many high power telescopes. His favorite celestial body is Mars, which he says reminds him of his time back in Arizona—or is it Arizona that reminds him of Mars?


Facilities Manager

Let’s start with some stats: 2x Ironman Wisconsin Finisher, 3x Half-Ironman finisher, and more sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and running races than you can count on your fingers and toes. Not only is Doug a seasoned racer, but when something, anything around the TPC shop needs to be fixed, built, or broken, Doug is the man to call. Batman’s utility belt looks like a toy compared to Doug’s 2-ton toolbelt. He can mend anything and everything with it, that is unless it’s a broken heart. But he’ll sure as hell still try. Doug left Big Bend, Wisconsin and came to Boulder for the sunshine, mountains, epic cycling, and because it’s such a great place for him and his wife to raise their 2-year-old son. A loyal Felt rider, Doug can often be spotted on his TT bike riding all over Boulder, even dragging it up Left Hand Canyon and Flagstaff Mountain. He says he can’t put the thing away because it’s just so fast. And for Doug, the fantastic scenery around town just makes the suffering seem peaceful. And whether it’s a ride, a run, a swim, or all three, there’s nothing better than capping it all off with some good IPAs and some time with the family. What We Ride: Doug’s Felt IA


Human Resource Manager

Originally from St. Cloud, Minnesota, Jeanette left the land of Prince and 10,000 lakes for the beautiful weather, ample outdoor recreation, and slightly fewer lakes of Colorado. She was busy on her way over, going to the University of Minnesota for Business and Speech, the University of Phoenix for an MBA, and Leeds School of Business, CU for Accounting. She’s run Grandma’s Marathon in Minnesota twice and when she’s not at work crushing numbers into dust she likes to jog and hike. On occasion, she’ll pick up a set of clubs and hit a little white ball into a tiny hole dug into some patch of manicured grass. She says she’s not very good, but don’t let her modesty fool you. Her husband Joe and daughter Ellen are witness to plenty of games shot under par and maybe even a few hole-in-ones. She loves the people at TPC, and even more so, she loves getting on her bright pink Electra Townie and beating the whole crew to Avery Brewery. Put a good brew at the finish and none of the TPC racers stand a chance. That, or her favorite food, Dilly Bars.


Reactive Purchasing Associate

Jesse holds the current TPC record for the youngest guy in the shop. You can tell because he’ll stomp the gas on lunch rides like someone who has yet to be beaten down by the doldrums of a long and dreary life. He came to Boulder via Atlanta and Pensacola, Florida, choosing to study Philosophy at CU. He enjoys the fact that our political climate has a generally more progressive attitude, and that our actual climate consists of seasons other than summer. During his college days he rode for Jimmy Johns, pedalling a beat up department store Iron Horse across town with a pack full of sandwiches. Such destitute cycling conditions certainly made him strong. Though he’d later upgrade his bikes, he’s always maintained a passion for taking something dirty and malfunctioning, and making it clean and functional. He’s honed his abilities and thus found his way into the cycling industry as a top notch mechanic. If he’s not wrenching on bikes then he’s riding them, and if he’s not riding bikes he’s wrenching on holds, rock climbing in Eldorado Canyon. If he’s not riding or climbing he’s probably baking. Cookies, cakes, and scones—it’s his recovery hobby.



Need someone with unmatched tech savvy to solve your problems? Jim’s the man. He graduated from the University of Buffalo where he studied Applied Mathematics and Computing. As TPC’s resident tech expert, he’s who we rely on when our poor, cycling riddled minds are overcome by the complexities of modern technology. He’s faster with a keyboard and mouse than most of us are on our bikes, bringing out new tools and upgrades with lightning speed. Born in Rochester, New York and a former resident of Montclair, New Jersey, Jim traded the East Coast for an opportunity to live and work in an area not only rich in technology, but rich in nature as well. He chose Boulder and TPC for the healthy and stimulating environment where he can ride his bike to work and spend time with his wife and three energetic boys, experiencing our town’s multitude of outdoor activities.



Skrrrrrt! is the sound Joey makes every morning when he skids into the shop. He is the very embodiment of Tarck. There’s no cartilage left in his long gangly legs after countless skids, but that doesn’t stop him lighting the afterburners day after day. Many times he’s whipped out the brakeless tarck-mobile for fast group rides and put the roadie purists to shame with savage high cadence pulls. Not surprising as Joey is the current TPC velodrome champ, holding the fastest recorded flying lap in the shop. To add to his accolades, he’s also the Dark Horse Trike Racing World Champion. This man has depth. A Boulder native, he tried living in Boston and Pittsburgh, but the weather and the power of true love ultimately drove him back. He studied mechanical engineering at CU and the University of Pittsburgh and TPC is actually his first job in the cycling industry. Before this he worked designing kevlar vests and, as you can probably tell from his mustache, he was a master barista. He did have a beard for 7 years, but it was sacrificed in the name of aerodynamics and now the moustache has become the talisman of his fixie powers.


Operations Manager

Jon grew up in the hustle and bustle of New York City, and went west to Wyoming in order to find himself in the open spaces and fresh air. He studied History at the University of Wyoming and aspires to be a museum curator. He has an affinity for modern art, photography, new media, and collects concert posters. Jon has been a cyclist his whole life and has never owned a car. In his free time, he plays tennis, collects vinyl records, travels, and sails.


Director of New Business Development

With the skinny physique of a natural climber, Justin is one of TPC’s resident ex-pros. From Raleigh, North Carolina, he was a former collegiate cross country star and inductee into East Carolina University Athletics Hall of Fame. As a pro cyclist he discovered he sucked at altitude. So the solution, in his mind, was to come to Boulder and adjust to the mountain air. Whether that worked or not is debatable, but the beauty of the landscape stuck with him, so he stuck around, becoming Director of Business Development for the TPC team. Justin raced in the US for Webcor, Healthnet, and Toyota-United, was Elite National Criterium Champ in 2009, and still owns the Mt. Tam Hillclimb record. Life has changed much after his pro racing career but the competitive fire still remains. Instead of crushing climbs he crushes cheap pizza and beer (Yuengling if possible) like no one else in the shop. When not stuffing his face he’s spending time with his wife, Jess, and two kids, Darla and Clyde. He follows the Denver Nuggets intensely and is a total Basketball nerd, even though in reality he sinks more airballs than three-pointers. He doesn’t have the endurance he used to have, but his pizza and Yuengling binges do help fuel a massive engine that can still drop many unsuspecting fools on a lunch ride. What We Ride: Justin’s Giordana


Managing Partner, Ridgeline

A successful Boulder entrepreneur, Luke has a resume stacked high to the ceiling with accomplishments and the physical height to match. His upbringing was split between Colorado and New York and in previous lives he played basketball as a forward for the Cornell Big Red, and was also COO at Eco-Products where he helped the company grow from less than $1 million to more than $80 million in nine years. He also has an email-based jobs site called Luke’s Circle ( that connects talented people with emerging companies. He and his family settled in Boulder in 2004, driven by a desire to get involved in a small business in a healthy lifestyle industry. TPC is one of many ventures Luke is involved in, but it has that special vibe and energy that just keeps him coming back for more! He’s a mountain biker but now-a-days puts in way more mileage chasing his three kids around. But when he catches them, he loves spending time taking them on trips, traveling the world as a family. He believes that exposing yourself to different cultures is one of the most impactful ways to grow as a person. “It forces you to ask questions. It spurs creativity. It creates appreciation for what you have.” It this mindfulness as well as his entrepreneurial prowess that make Luke so valuable to the TPC team.


Shipping Coordinator

Brewmaster Phil is a country man. Growing up in West Virginia and North Carolina where hiking, camping, and biking are learned in preschool, it’s no wonder Phil has that country boy heart. In 2003, he transplanted to Telluride, CO to add skiing to his already active lifestyle. And June 2012 he married his strikingly pretty lady, Emily. It’s always a treat at TPC when he brings in a homebrew. Phil is The Pro’s Closet resident bike expert. He makes sure every cycle, frame, and wheel meets our standards for resale.


Customer Experience Associate

Sean, a.k.a. “Sully,” is originally from the wild country of Tasmania, Australia. He came to the United States to race bikes and stayed when he met the woman of his dreams at a BBQ in the Colorado high country. Sean has been racing bikes for the past 25 years and his claim to fame is that he was able to win a pro race on five different continents before retiring in 2013. He will soon be teaching his baby boy Elix how to ride bikes and share his father’s love for man’s greatest invention. Sean enjoys hiking, traveling, music, bikes, and dreams of one day owning a 1960’s Cadillac. He has also been staying active by training for his first marathon. When he isn’t hard at work in the posting department, Sean is enjoying the beautiful outdoors here in Boulder or playing with his little boy. What We Ride: Sean’s Concorde


Merchandise Associate

A Maine native turned New Yorker, Seth is a CAT1 XC racer who loves stealing KOMs from his co-workers. He developed his climb crushing legs while also studying art history at Hunter College in New York City. While trapped in New York he spent 12 long years buying and collecting rare used books. He sorted through thousands of books a day, searching for the rarest and hardest to find titles to add to his collection. This is how Seth discovered his path to Nirvana. One fateful day he discovered, tucked away and nearly forgotten, a worn, dog eared manuscripted titled Boulder, Colorado: The Home of Mountains and The Pro’s Closet. The words within were like a key that finally opened the doors to his concrete heart. So finally, he decided to escape the asphalt and the city, and discovered a whole new world of singletrack and dirt. Now he can often be spotted riding up and ripping down everything the Front Range has to offer, and on his rare rest days he continues exploring the beauty of the mountains in any way he can.


Assistant Manager of Shipping Department

California kid, Stephen, is originally from Grass Valley but grew up in Huntington Beach. Beyond that his origins and past are shrouded in secrecy and full of intrigue. He came to Boulder to find peace and tranquility in the mountains. He walks around the shop, silent and mysterious, deftly packing bikes and handling shipping orders with a sort of surgical precision that one could only possess after living through a lifetime of danger. Was he in special ops? A secret agent? The former drummer for Matchbox Twenty? No one knows. What we do know is that he runs a Rob Thomas fan club. Hmmmm. When not doing that, he likes doing anything that’s outdoorsy and exciting: snowboarding, skating, hiking, camping, 4 wheeling, and riding motorcycles. He likes riding downhill, but after some time at TPC, he hopes to learn to love pedaling uphill as well


Shipping Department Manager

Born in Fairbanks, Alaska, Steve was raised in a cabin with an outhouse and sled dog team in the back yard. Despite the -60F winters and brutal mud seasons, he still found time to fall in love with great outdoors and man’s greatest invention: the bicycle. Steve’s passion followed him to Western Colorado where BMX racing and Mountain biking were balanced with adventures to the deserts of the Colorado Plateau and the mountains surrounding Telluride and Ouray. After attending the University of Colorado, Steve set out to enjoy the Boulder lifestyle to the fullest: camping, hiking, climbing, cycling, and manicuring moustaches. Though his heart may lie somewhere in the labyrinth canyons of Eastern Utah, Steve is excited to find himself at The Pro’s Closet, where he strives to become a guru of quality control as the Shipping Department Manager. What We Ride: Steve’s Surly


Reactive Purchasing Manager

Soraya’s mother once asked her what she really wanted to do when she was unhappy with her last job. She said that she wanted to move to Colorado and go snowboarding. So with her mother’s encouragement she did exactly that. Soraya packed up and moved, and that summer she happened to also fall in love with the mountain bike. Completely smitten, she walked into a local bike shop, told them she knew nothing about bikes but that she wanted a job—and she got it! A true go-getter, she simply has the attitude it takes to succeed. It’s something she may have learned from her equally impressive parents, who escaped Russian invaders in Afghanistan, her pregnant mother heroically trekking over the Khyber pass and making it all the way to Amsterdam where Soraya was born. Since then Soraya has certainly carried on this fighting spirit, snagging bike shop jobs, winning national championships in 4x and downhill, and getting a Ph.D in Physics from CU Boulder. When she’s not busy being impressive at work or on a mtb, you may find her on a moto, or rock climbing, or sewing couture dresses, or working on her next book. She can probably both outshred you, and outsmart you. So what can you do? Just watch in awe, and enjoy her company. TPC certainly does.



Svet is the guy constantly doing wheelies in the parking lot. It doesn’t matter if he’s on a bicycle or his moto, this is a man that #lovesbackwheel. Born in Samokov, Bulgaria, he’s spent the last half of his life living in Chicago, a city boy full of longing, deprived of the great wide open that makes one whole. He finally came to Boulder to realized his love of the mountains, and ride the endless twisting roads. He studied Computer Science at the University of Illinois, and is a whiz with a computer. Give him a problem and you can watch as the gears turn and brilliant code starts spilling from his fingertips. He’s solved problems in hours that teams of programmers have struggled with for weeks. That’s why he’s become such an asset for TPC, that and his sick wheelies.


Director of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing

The first bike Thomas ever built up was a classic 92 Fat Chance Yo Eddy, and its eye searing glitter orange paint job soon rocketed him into the heights of cycling nerdom. He came here all the way from Millwood, Virginia to nerd out on bikes with us, but also, for our great trails and skiing. Thomas studied Art and Economics at Sewanee, The University of the South, and Arts Administration at Columbia University. He’s cycled across the United States, Portugal, and Thailand on a vintage 80s Specialized Sequoia, but perhaps would rather be known for winning a New Yorker caption contest, a feat no one else in the shop will ever come close to achieving. When not at work, he’s tending his impressive indoor garden or brewing good beer in the garage. Back at the shop, he’s mastermind behind TPC’s marketing department, all the while he is aspiring toward 80 mile lunch break rides, and creating more perfect captions.


Business Development Associate

Tom’s one serious rider, and most of his days follow a simple rhythm: ride, eat, work, sleep, race a bit, then repeat. He’s been racing since he was 11-years-old, and has grown into one of those special sort of masochists who loves doing things like winning a singlespeed N24 series overall. 24 hours aboard a single speed would kill most men, but not Tom. He only grows stronger. When he’s not competing on the bike, he’s competing for the most tattoos in the shop, getting inked by his favorite artist, and between it all he finds time to kiss his wife and walk his two dogs. He comes from Lewiston, Maine and got his degree in Industrial Technology from The University of Southern Maine. He’s been in the cycling industry for 15 years, and came to TPC after spending lots of time riding and working in Utah. Utah has nice mountains, he says, but Colorado’s are better. (Shots fired!) His power animal is the Unicorn. It might be tattooed somewhere on his body. No one knows for sure. You can ask him about it, but you’re going to have to catch him first, and that won’t be easy.


VP of Sales

Travis has long been fascinated by great explorers, and lived a rather nomadic life of his own. Born in San Jose, California, his exploits have taken him around the country and across the ocean, with several stops in between. Accompanying Travis, is his wife, Sarah, and their three children, who engage in the outdoors with all the same vigor and passion. His wife has called him an “extreme hobbyist.” No matter what project he’s focused on, he becomes obsessed, dedicating himself to mastering it. With extensive experience in the bike industry, he’s finally settled here at The Pro’s Closet as our VP of Sales, bringing all his knowledge and determination to help take TPC to the next level.


Receiving Coordinator

West Virginian by birth, Coloradoan by lifestyle, Bill has followed in the footsteps left by so many mid-westerners before him. He started his adult life as a clean-cut mathematics student at Kent State University, but the calling of the mountains became too strong. He packed his bags and headed out west where he would live as a ski bum, grow out his beard, and live the life he could only dream of months earlier. One day before hitting the slopes, Bill realized his ratio of boards to bikes was terribly lopsided, so he moved to the front range to work in a bike shop and build his collection of sweet rides. We’re happy to announce he has added several bikes to his collection and balance has been restored.