Ready to Assemble Your Bike?

You got your bike! That's maybe the best news, ever. Now, let's put it together.

All you need is the torque wrench (included in your RideFast box) and a few common Allen wrenches. You’re ready to ride in minutes!

Need help along the way? Our Ride Guides answer questions seven days a week. Be nice to them, ‘cause they’re smart and kind.

Free Money On Us —Take $25 Off 💸

Ready to upgrade your ride with new accessories or components? Take $25 off any purchase over $100 with the code 4KC6MCF8 (expires 9/22/22). 




What The H*ck is TPC up to? 

Apparently fighting about 1x vs. 2x drivetrains. Meet the TPC Ops team (and watch the latest internal debate) in this inaugural episode of Shop Talk. 

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