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Cycling Nutrition & Hydration

Shop cycling nutrition & hydration products, including drink mixes & energy snacks at TPC - The Pro's Closet.

Bikes are meant
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Nutrition and hydration are vital ingredients to keeping you riding longer and faster. From training to race day to post-ride, the proper sports nutrition is designed to keep you performing strong and give your body the nutrients it craves. Cherry-pick from tasty flavors and products like gels, bars, or hydration mixes that keep your stomach happy, help avoid bonking, and are easy to eat so you can focus on the ride. 


Skratch Labs


Skratch Labs has let the secret to simple ingredients and delicious nutrition and hydration out of the bag. They know how to help riders perform at their best based on science and using ingredients your body needs, like electrolytes and sodium. From hydration mixes to energy chews and bars, Skratch Lab keeps over-processed sugars and junk out. Instead, Skratch Labs combines high-performing ingredients made from scratch that are easy on your system and taste so good, you’ll actually want to eat them. 

Skratch Labs Hydration


Skratch Labs hydration products keep your body in gear and replace the much-needed electrolytes you lose while sweating. Because their hydration mixes are not inflated with sugar or artificial sweeteners, you can say goodbye to underperforming, neon-colored sugar bombs and hello to a drink that tastes great, keeps you energized, and makes you feel good. Choose from delicious flavors like lemon-lime, strawberry lemonade, or summer peach. 

Skratch Labs Cookbooks


Skratch Labs cookbooks come with easy-to-make recipes that support the athlete and foodie in all of us. Whether you’re training for your next Century or 24-hour MTB event, their cookbooks use simple and fresh ingredients that don’t require hours of preparation and are darn delicious! Their cookbooks use the science behind food and are tailored around training and performance or anyone looking to eat healthy. A wide variety of meals with big flavors will keep you excited about cooking and eating well while you’re training or just enjoying mixing things up in the kitchen.