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Extra 25% off with MAVIC25

Use code MAVIC25 for 25% off Mavic apparel to celebrate the Tour de France! Racing fans know the iconic yellow Mavic neutral service car that saved so many stranded riders in the Tour over the last four decades, but Mavic’s legacy runs even deeper than that. This legendary French brand has been making cycling history for over 130 years. The yellow neutral service cars may be gone now, but to celebrate Mavic’s history with the Tour, you can save 25% on Mavic apparel with the code MAVIC25. 

Mavic is a legend of the cycling world and has been associated with some of the greatest moments in cycling history. Mavic goes way back: it built the first alloy rims in the 1930s, replacing the heavy wooden wheels pros were riding at the time. Fifty years later, Mavic began its first experiments with carbon wheels, and today Mavic makes wheelsets ranging from affordable, lightweight alloy models to cutting edge aero carbon hoops used by pro teams and world record setters. From humble beginnings as a small French workshop, Mavic has become one of the most successful and innovative cycling component, apparel and accessory manufacturers in the world.

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