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Mavic Wheels & Apparel

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Mavic wheels excel in your most intense moments, and they’ve seen a few: Mavic is older than the Tour de France. That’s right. Mavic yellow precedes the maillot jaune. Even if the names of legends escape you, Mavic won’t. 

Mavic Wheels 

Mavic wheels made their first big leap in 1930, with the first aluminum alloy wheel. Ninety years later, Mavic wheelsets are still a fantastic upgrade for any ride or discipline. 

Mavic Apparel

Mavic apparel gives classic cycling a new look. Mavic essentials are great to wear on a ride or prep for shoulder season temps. 

Mavic Cycling Shoes 

Mavic cycling shoes optimize your most important contact point on the bike. From entry-level touring shoes to ultralight racing slippers, Mavic cycling shoes increase your power and comfort.

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