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Bike Frames & Framesets For Sale - New & Used

Shop certified pre-owned used and new frames / framesets for sale with TPC - The Pro’s Closet. Build your bike from the ground up with a frame from Specialized, Trek, Cannondale, or any brand you choose.


 Sell Your Gear today and we can make an offer for your bike, frame, or wheelset within two business days and help you avoid the frustration and renegotiation of the secondary market.

Bikes are meant
to be used.

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The joy of assembling a bike from the frame up is sublime.

Whether the frame is steel, titanium, aluminum, or carbon, it’s a mostly-blank canvas onto which you can project your needs, your desires, and your style. 

We have bike frames for sale. If you’ve got parts you like, re-use your own, or assemble a dream bike with components of your choosing. 

Road Bike Frames

If there was a universal bike, a road bike would be it. Not only do road racers ride them, but fitness riders, mountain bikers looking for fitness, and triathletes looking for a daily training rig. Reverse engineering: if you’re a road racer, fitness rider, mountain biker, or triathlete, there’s probably a good reason to add one to your stable. 

Road frames are typically light, agile, corner well, and sing on paved roads. Maybe you’re looking into building a style ride, like a classic steel frameset. Or maybe you’re looking for an up-to-date aero road bike, like a Trek Madone frame. Or just an upgrade of what you’re already riding. Our selection is deep; we have you covered. 

Mountain Bike Frames

We’ve got MTB frames for sale. Whether it’s a hardtail frame or a full suspension mountain bike, our stock is constantly replenished. 

Mountain bikes are ridden hard. That’s why we have a multi-point inspection checklist verifying the frame’s integrity and inspect suspension function. Suspension parts sufficiently worn are replaced. We’ll take the frame back within 30 days and have a guaranteed buyback program for up to 18 months after purchase. You can trust that our mountain bike frames have long, hard-riding lives ahead of them. 

Gravel Bike Frames

A gravel frameset is an open invitation. This frame can most likely be set up as a road bike, a cyclocross bike, a commuting bike, a touring bike, a gravel bike, and a mountain bike, even gravel. Pretty cool. 

Gravel bike frames are, however, their own thing. They have their biases. Check stack and reach, max tire size, what mounts come with, whether or not a front derailleur can be installed, bottom bracket height. 

Triathlon Bike Frames

Tri’ bike frames might be the best used bike value. Tri’ frames are rarely ridden in bad weather, rarely take on rough roads, and are rarely crashed. They’re here because someone updated their fit or figured out some marginal gains. Starting with a frame, pick your components, particularly wheels, shifting preferences, and crank length. Being fast on a tri’ bike means finding the right position; the more you can customize, the better the fit is likely to be.

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