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Every season is biking season with a fat bike. The fat tires create a much larger contact patch over normal MTB tires that let the bike sit above loose terrain. Take them to the beach or pedal your favorite local loop in December. With a larger contact patch compared to normal MTB tires, the variety of terrains and conditions these bikes can handle dramatically expands.


Fat tire bikes typically come in 26 or 27.5 wheel sizes to accommodate their oversized tire widths. Most of these monster-truck-looking bikes are either fully rigid or come in a hardtail configuration. Fat bikes compensate for their lack of suspension with the ability to run very low tire pressures, typically sub-10 psi for those fresh pow days. There are even full-suspension fat bikes, made to tackle the roughest trails while their massive tires roll over anything and everything!


Best Fat Tire Bikes


It's safe to say that fat tire bikes have come a long way since they first started popping up in the 80s. Take this 1992 Clark-Kent fat bike for example. This bike was considered to be one of the best fat bikes at the time with its dually-style wheel system to ride over snow in the Iditabike race. Safe to say, the fat tire bikes of today are a lot lighter and better-suited to ride over snow and sand. Lucky for you, The Pro’s Closet has a large variety of fat bikes so you can choose the best option for your riding preferences. Be it the popular Specialized Fatboy or the elusive full-suspension fat tire bike, the Salsa Bucksaw, TPC will help you find the ultimate used fat tire bike. 


Full-Suspension Fat Bikes


Full-suspension fat bikes are the most modern iteration of the fat tire bike. Originally made to conquer snowy trails or sandy adventures, the pure enjoyment of riding fat bikes on regular trails was realized and BOOM, the full-suspension fat bike was born. Though trickier to find these days, full-suspension fat bikes fill a special niche of riding where they can happily go over any terrain with the added grip from full squish front and rear. 


Specialized Fat Tire Bikes


The Specialized Fat Boy is the premiere fat tire mountain bike from the big S. Known for its durability and fair price points, this fat tire bike loves ripping snowy powder-filled trails just as much as it likes to shred your favorite loops in the summer. The 26 wheels allow for massive 4.6” tires creating a hover craft-like feeling over any trail and terrain type. 


Trek Fat Tire Bikes


Still producing high-quality fat tire bikes today, the Wisconsin-based manufacturer has established itself in the fat game suitably with the Farley. With multiple build options available that can fit any price point, the Trek Farley is perfect for those just getting into the fat bike game or riders looking to obtain the ultimate fat build.


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