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Cycling Shorts, Bibs - MTB, Road & More

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Bikes are meant
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Cycling shorts and bibs give you superior comfort and happiness on your ride. Saddles and bumpy terrain are not always the most forgiving, so take some pressure off and treat yourself and your tush to a happy feeling with the right pair of shorts. From padded bike shorts to baggy MTB shorts, bibs, and pants, the best cycling shorts are the ones that fit properly, are comfortable, and match your style of riding. Moisture management, stretchy and durable fabrics, protection from debris and UV rays, and the right chamois can turn any good ride into an exceptional ride. 

MTB Shorts 

MTB shorts are shred-ready, rugged, and designed with specific features for mountain biking. Longer inseams and durable fabrics provide a seamless fit over knee pads and protect from unruly branches, rocks, and harmful UV rays. Adjustable waistbands, fabrics that move, and lots of styles from always classic black to rowdy and bold patterns keep you looking fly and comfortable all day. MTB bike pants are the way to go for added protection at the bike park or warmth on cool days. For supreme comfort, add a padded short underneath. Sold separately or as a combo, padded shorts will keep things comfy on the saddle and prevent chafing. 

Road Bike Shorts

Road bike shorts are tight-fitting and come with a pad or chamois for added luxurious comfort on the saddle. Generally made from Nylon and Spandex, they easily flex and move with you as you pedal. A tight fit reduces chafing, keeps them in place, soaks up road vibration, and is more aerodynamic. Chamois range from thick to thin and depend on personal preference. Generally, a soft saddle means a thin chamois, and a stiffer saddle means a thicker one. Chamois are gender-specific with different chamois placement, sizes, and cuts, so get the correct one for you. Keep your bottom happy and comfortable with a well-fitting, performing road bike short.

Cycling Bibs

Cycling bibs may not be the most fashion-forward piece of clothing you wear, but certainly one of the most comfortable and supportive. By ditching the waistband and adding straps, you lose the uncomfortable feeling of the waistband digging in your sides, spend less time hitching up your shorts, and lose the embarrassing possibility of a plumber's crack. Bibs also keep the chamois in place and things from shifting around while riding. Usually made from Nylon and Spandex, like a road bike short, they move with you and cut down on wind drag. Cover up and integrate with a jersey over the straps and for MTB riders, throw on a pair of baggies over them.