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Wahoo Speedplay Pedals

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Upgrade your cycling experience with high-performance clipless pedals. Wahoo Speedplay pedals offer a range of options to suit every rider's needs, from the COMP model to the AERO, ZERO, and NANO. These pedals feature a sleek black design and a clipless system that provides a secure connection between your shoes and the pedals, allowing for efficient power transfer and improved pedaling efficiency. With adjustable tension and a wide platform, Wahoo Speedplay pedals offer stability and comfort, making them a top choice for road cyclists and triathletes. Explore our selection of Wahoo Speedplay pedals and take your riding to the next level.

COMP Pedals

Wahoo Speedplay COMP pedals are designed for riders seeking a reliable and affordable clipless pedal option. With a durable construction and a lightweight design, these pedals provide a solid platform for efficient power transfer. The clipless system ensures a secure connection with your cycling shoes, allowing for quick and easy engagement and disengagement. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned cyclist, the COMP pedals offer a great balance of performance and value.

AERO Pedals

For riders looking to maximize their aerodynamic advantage, Wahoo Speedplay AERO pedals are the perfect choice. These pedals feature a streamlined design that reduces drag and improves airflow around the pedal and shoe interface. With a low-profile cleat and a wide platform, the AERO pedals offer stability and power transfer, making them ideal for time trials and triathlons. Upgrade to the AERO pedals and experience enhanced speed and efficiency on your rides.

ZERO Pedals

Wahoo Speedplay ZERO pedals are designed for riders who demand the ultimate in performance and adjustability. These pedals feature a dual-sided entry system, allowing for easy engagement from any angle. With a low stack height and a large contact area, the ZERO pedals provide excellent power transfer and stability. The adjustable float and release tension ensure a personalized fit and feel, making them a popular choice among professional cyclists and enthusiasts alike.

NANO Pedals

Wahoo Speedplay NANO pedals are the pinnacle of lightweight performance. These pedals feature a carbon fiber construction that reduces weight without sacrificing strength or durability. With a minimalist design and a low stack height, the NANO pedals offer a direct connection between your shoes and the bike, resulting in improved power transfer and efficiency. If you're a weight-conscious rider looking for the ultimate pedal upgrade, the NANO pedals are the perfect choice.