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Wahoo Kickr Accessories

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Enhance your Wahoo KICKR experience with a range of accessories designed to take your indoor training to the next level. These accessories are specifically designed to work seamlessly with your Wahoo KICKR trainer, providing added convenience, comfort, and performance. From smart trainers that simulate real-world riding conditions to wheel blocks that ensure stability during intense workouts, these accessories are essential for any serious cyclist looking to optimize their indoor training sessions. Explore our selection of Wahoo KICKR accessories and elevate your indoor cycling experience today.

Smart Trainers

Upgrade your indoor training setup with a Wahoo KICKR smart trainer. These advanced trainers offer a realistic and immersive riding experience by simulating real-world gradients and providing accurate power measurements. With wireless connectivity and compatibility with popular training apps, you can easily track your progress, compete with friends, and access a wide range of training programs. Whether you're a professional cyclist or a dedicated enthusiast, a Wahoo KICKR smart trainer is a must-have accessory for taking your indoor training to the next level.

Power Trainers

Take your indoor cycling workouts to new heights with a Wahoo KICKR power trainer. These trainers provide a smooth and consistent resistance, allowing you to replicate the feel of outdoor riding. With adjustable resistance levels and accurate power measurement, you can customize your workouts and track your progress with precision. Whether you're looking to improve your endurance, build strength, or increase your speed, a Wahoo KICKR power trainer is the perfect accessory to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Wheel Blocks

Ensure stability and safety during your indoor training sessions with a Wahoo KICKR wheel block. Designed to elevate your front wheel, these blocks help create a level riding position and prevent your bike from tipping over. With a sturdy and durable construction, a Wahoo KICKR wheel block provides a secure base for intense workouts and allows for a more comfortable and efficient riding position. Whether you're sprinting, climbing, or doing intervals, a Wahoo KICKR wheel block is an essential accessory for a smooth and enjoyable indoor cycling experience.