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Triathlon Bike Parts

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Upgrade your triathlon bike with high-quality parts designed to enhance your performance and speed. Triathlon bike parts are specifically engineered to optimize aerodynamics, reduce weight, and improve overall efficiency. From carbon wheelsets to disc brakes, these components are built to withstand the demands of triathlon racing and training. Whether you're looking to improve your bike's handling, increase power transfer, or enhance your overall riding experience, our selection of triathlon bike parts has you covered. Explore our range of options and take your triathlon bike to the next level.

Carbon Wheelsets

Carbon wheelsets are a popular choice among triathletes due to their lightweight construction and aerodynamic design. These wheels offer improved acceleration, reduced rolling resistance, and enhanced stability, allowing you to maintain speed and efficiency throughout your race. With options for both disc and rim brakes, carbon wheelsets provide superior performance and responsiveness, giving you a competitive edge on the bike leg of your triathlon.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes have become increasingly popular in triathlon biking due to their superior stopping power and consistent performance in all weather conditions. These brakes provide reliable and precise braking, allowing for greater control and confidence during descents and tight turns. With options for both front and rear wheels, disc brakes offer enhanced safety and peace of mind, ensuring you can navigate any course with ease.

Drivetrain Components

Upgrade your triathlon bike's drivetrain with high-quality components designed to maximize power transfer and efficiency. From cassettes and chainrings to derailleurs and shifters, these parts are engineered to deliver smooth and precise shifting, allowing you to maintain your cadence and momentum throughout your race. With options for various gear ratios and compatibility with different groupsets, our selection of drivetrain components ensures you can find the perfect fit for your triathlon bike.