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Thule Vehicle Storage & Cargo

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Thule vehicle storage and cargo solutions are designed to make your travels easier and more convenient. Whether you're heading out on a road trip, going camping, or simply need extra space for your gear, Thule has a range of products to meet your needs. With features like easy installation, durable construction, and secure attachment systems, Thule products ensure that your belongings stay safe and protected during transport. From trunk racks and hitch racks to bike travel cases, Thule offers a variety of options to help you maximize your vehicle's storage capacity and transport your gear with confidence.

Trunk Racks

Thule trunk racks are a versatile and convenient solution for transporting your bikes or other gear. These racks are designed to fit securely on the trunk or hatch of your vehicle, providing a stable and reliable attachment point. With features like adjustable straps and padded cradles, Thule trunk racks ensure a secure and snug fit for your bikes, while also protecting your vehicle's finish. Whether you're going on a weekend getaway or heading out for a day of cycling, Thule trunk racks make it easy to bring your gear along for the ride.

Bike Travel Cases

Thule bike travel cases are the perfect solution for safely transporting your bike when you're on the go. These cases are designed to protect your bike from damage during transit, with features like hard-shell construction, padded interiors, and secure locking systems. Thule bike travel cases are available for both mountain bikes and road bikes, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific bike. Whether you're flying to a race or simply want to bring your bike on vacation, Thule bike travel cases provide peace of mind and ensure that your bike arrives at your destination in perfect condition.

Hitch Racks

Thule hitch racks are a convenient and efficient way to transport multiple bikes on the back of your vehicle. These racks attach to the hitch receiver on your vehicle, providing a stable and secure platform for your bikes. With features like adjustable arms, anti-sway cradles, and easy-to-use locking systems, Thule hitch racks ensure that your bikes are securely held in place during transport. Whether you're going on a family bike ride or heading out for a weekend adventure with friends, Thule hitch racks make it easy to bring everyone's bikes along for the journey.