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Spd Cleats With Float

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Find the perfect SPD cleats with float for your cycling shoes. SPD cleats with float offer a degree of lateral movement, allowing your feet to pivot naturally while pedaling. This helps reduce strain on your knees and joints, providing a more comfortable and efficient ride. Whether you're a road cyclist or a mountain biker, we have a wide selection of SPD cleats with float to suit your needs. Choose from various degrees of float to find the ideal amount of movement for your riding style. Upgrade your cycling experience with high-quality SPD cleats that offer both performance and comfort.

4 Degree Float

Our 4 degree float SPD cleats provide a moderate amount of lateral movement, allowing your feet to find their natural position while pedaling. This float range is ideal for riders who prefer a balance between stability and freedom of movement. Whether you're tackling long road rides or hitting the trails, these cleats offer the perfect combination of comfort and control.

6 Degree Float

If you're looking for a greater degree of float, our 6 degree float SPD cleats are the perfect choice. With increased lateral movement, these cleats allow your feet to move more freely, reducing the risk of strain and discomfort. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, these cleats provide the flexibility and support you need for a smooth and efficient pedal stroke.

0 Degree Float

For riders who prefer a more stable and locked-in feel, our 0 degree float SPD cleats are the ideal option. With no lateral movement, these cleats provide maximum power transfer and control. Perfect for sprinting or climbing, these cleats offer a secure connection between your shoes and pedals, ensuring every ounce of your energy is transferred into forward motion.