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Shimano Front Brake

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Upgrade your bike's braking performance with high-quality front brake options. Whether you're a professional racer or a casual rider, a reliable front brake is essential for safety and control. Explore a wide range of front brake calipers and hydraulic disc brake sets designed to deliver powerful stopping power and precise modulation. With features like direct mount compatibility, hydraulic operation, and left/front lever options, these front brakes offer optimal performance in various riding conditions. Choose from a selection of top-notch front brake options to enhance your bike's braking capabilities and enjoy a smoother and more confident ride.

Front Brake Calipers

Front brake calipers are an integral part of your bike's braking system, providing the necessary stopping power when you need it most. These calipers are designed to be mounted directly on the front fork, ensuring a secure and stable connection. With advanced technologies and materials, front brake calipers offer excellent durability, heat dissipation, and consistent performance. Whether you're looking for a caliper for road or mountain biking, you'll find options that meet your specific needs and preferences.

Hydraulic Disc Brake Sets

Hydraulic disc brake sets provide superior braking performance and control, especially in challenging off-road conditions. These sets include both the front brake lever and caliper, ensuring compatibility and optimal functionality. With hydraulic operation, you'll experience smooth and precise braking modulation, allowing you to confidently navigate steep descents and tight corners. Whether you're a mountain biker or a gravel rider, hydraulic disc brake sets offer reliable stopping power and consistent performance, even in wet and muddy conditions.

Left/Front Brake Levers and Shifters

Left/front brake levers and shifters are designed to provide seamless control and easy access to your bike's braking system. These levers are ergonomically designed for comfortable and efficient operation, allowing you to brake and shift gears with minimal effort. With options for different speeds and drivetrains, you can find the perfect left/front brake lever and shifter combination for your bike. Upgrade your braking and shifting experience with high-quality left/front brake levers and shifters that offer precise control and enhance your overall riding performance.