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Shimano Di2 Wiring Kit

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Upgrade your Shimano Di2 electronic shifting system with a high-quality wiring kit. A Shimano Di2 wiring kit includes all the necessary components to ensure smooth and precise shifting performance. These kits are designed to be compatible with various Shimano Di2 components, allowing for easy installation and seamless integration. With features like external or internal wire routing options, multiple port junction boxes, and durable construction, a Shimano Di2 wiring kit provides the reliability and functionality you need for a top-notch cycling experience.

12 Speed Di2 Wire

The 12-speed Di2 wire is a crucial component for your Shimano Di2 electronic shifting system. It connects the shifters, derailleurs, and junction boxes, allowing for precise and reliable shifting. Made with high-quality materials, the 12-speed Di2 wire ensures smooth and efficient transmission of electronic signals, resulting in crisp and responsive shifting performance.

External Wire Routing

The Di2 junction box for external wire routing is designed to be mounted externally on your bike's frame. This junction box allows for easy access and maintenance, making it convenient to connect and disconnect the Di2 wires. With its durable construction and secure mounting system, the external wire routing junction box ensures reliable performance even in demanding riding conditions.

Internal Junction Box

The Di2 internal junction box provides a clean and streamlined look by hiding the wiring inside your bike's frame. This junction box is designed to be mounted internally, offering a sleek and aerodynamic profile. With multiple port options, the internal junction box allows for easy connection of various Di2 components, ensuring a tidy and efficient wiring setup.