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Rear Bike Wheel

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Upgrade your ride with a high-quality rear bike wheel that enhances your performance and improves your cycling experience. Whether you're a road cyclist, mountain biker, or commuter, a rear wheel plays a crucial role in your bike's overall performance. With features like carbon construction for lightweight and stiffness, tubeless compatibility for improved traction and reduced flats, and various sizes to fit different bike frames, a rear bike wheel can take your riding to the next level. Explore our wide selection of rear bike wheels and find the perfect match for your bike and riding style.

Carbon Rear Bike Wheels

Carbon rear bike wheels are the ultimate choice for riders seeking maximum performance. These wheels are constructed from carbon fiber, which offers exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, stiffness, and aerodynamics. Carbon rear wheels are designed to be lightweight, allowing for faster acceleration and climbing. They also provide excellent power transfer, ensuring that every pedal stroke is efficiently converted into forward motion. With their advanced technology and precision engineering, carbon rear bike wheels are a top choice for competitive cyclists and enthusiasts looking to elevate their riding experience.

Tubless Rear Bike Wheels

Tubless rear bike wheels offer several advantages over traditional clincher wheels. By eliminating the inner tube, tubeless systems reduce the risk of flats caused by punctures. They also allow for lower tire pressures, resulting in improved traction and a smoother ride. Tubeless rear wheels are compatible with tubeless-ready tires, which can be set up with sealant to seal any small punctures automatically. With their enhanced reliability and performance, tubeless rear bike wheels are a popular choice for off-road riders and those seeking a hassle-free cycling experience.

Alloy Rear Bike Wheels

Alloy rear bike wheels provide a durable and cost-effective option for riders of all disciplines. These wheels are constructed from aluminum alloy, which offers excellent strength and durability. Alloy rear wheels are known for their reliability and ability to withstand rough terrain and demanding riding conditions. They are available in various widths and sizes to accommodate different tire sizes and bike frames. With their affordability and versatility, alloy rear bike wheels are a great choice for riders looking for a solid and dependable upgrade without breaking the bank.