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Mountain Bike Disc Rotor

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Upgrade your mountain bike's braking performance with high-quality disc rotors. Mountain bike disc rotors are essential components that provide reliable stopping power and heat dissipation for aggressive off-road riding. These rotors are available in various sizes and mounting options to fit different bikes and brake systems. Made from durable materials like stainless steel or aluminum, these rotors are designed to withstand the demands of intense trail riding. With features like 6-bolt or centerlock mounting, different diameter options, and rounded or wave-shaped edges, you can find the perfect disc rotor to enhance your bike's braking performance and ensure consistent stopping power on the trails.

6-Bolt Disc Rotors

6-bolt disc rotors are a popular choice for mountain bikes. They feature a six-bolt pattern for easy installation and compatibility with most hub designs. These rotors provide reliable and consistent braking performance, thanks to their secure attachment to the hub. With options for different diameters, such as 160mm or 180mm, you can choose the size that suits your riding style and terrain. Whether you're tackling technical descents or navigating tight corners, 6-bolt disc rotors offer the stopping power you need for a confident ride.

Centerlock Disc Rotors

Centerlock disc rotors offer a convenient and secure mounting system. They use a splined interface to attach directly to compatible centerlock hubs, providing a clean and streamlined look. Centerlock rotors are known for their easy installation and removal, making them a popular choice among mountain bikers. With options for different sizes, such as 160mm or 180mm, you can find the right rotor to match your riding needs. Whether you're hitting the trails or tackling challenging terrain, centerlock disc rotors deliver consistent and powerful braking performance.

Wave-Shaped Disc Rotors

Wave-shaped disc rotors offer enhanced heat dissipation and improved braking performance. These rotors feature a unique design with wave-like contours that increase surface area and promote better cooling. The wave-shaped pattern also helps to prevent brake fade and reduce noise during braking. With options for different sizes and mounting systems, such as 6-bolt or centerlock, you can find a wave-shaped disc rotor that suits your bike and riding style. Upgrade to a wave-shaped disc rotor and experience improved braking power and control on your mountain bike.