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Hayes Brake Parts

Bikes are meant
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Looking for high-quality brake parts for your Hayes brakes? Look no further! Our selection of Hayes brake parts includes everything you need to keep your brakes in top shape and ensure optimal performance on the trails. From post mount brackets to rotors, bleed kits to handlebar clamps, we have a wide range of Hayes brake parts to suit your needs. With durable construction and reliable functionality, our Hayes brake parts are designed to withstand the demands of aggressive riding and provide consistent stopping power. Upgrade your Hayes brakes with our top-notch brake parts and enjoy a smoother and more confident ride.

Post Mount Brackets

Our Hayes post mount brackets are designed to securely mount your brake caliper to your bike's frame or fork. Available in various sizes, these brackets ensure proper alignment and compatibility with different rotor sizes. Made from durable materials, our post mount brackets offer excellent strength and reliability, allowing for precise brake performance and easy installation.


Upgrade your braking power with our Hayes rotors. Designed to dissipate heat and provide consistent stopping performance, our rotors are available in different sizes and designs to suit your riding style and preferences. With high-quality construction and precision engineering, our Hayes rotors deliver reliable and responsive braking in all conditions, giving you the confidence to tackle any trail or descent.

Bleed Kits and Handlebar Clamps

Ensure your Hayes brakes are properly maintained and optimized with our bleed kits and handlebar clamps. Our Hayes Pro Bleed Kit with DOT 5.1 Fluid allows for easy and effective brake bleeding, ensuring optimal performance and eliminating any air bubbles in the system. Additionally, our handlebar clamps, such as the Dominion Sram MatchMaker Peacemaker Handlebar Clamp and Dominion Shimano I-Spec II Peacemaker Handlebar Clamp, provide secure and convenient mounting options for your brake levers, enhancing ergonomics and control on the trails.