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Front Disc Brake For Bicycle

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Upgrade your bicycle's braking performance with a front disc brake. Front disc brakes provide superior stopping power and control, especially in challenging terrain or adverse weather conditions. With a hydraulic system, these brakes offer smooth and precise modulation, allowing you to easily adjust your speed. Whether you're a mountain biker tackling steep descents or a road cyclist seeking reliable stopping power, a front disc brake is an essential component for enhanced safety and confidence on your rides.

Hydraulic Disc Brake Calipers

Hydraulic disc brake calipers are designed to provide consistent and reliable stopping power. With their flat mount design, these calipers offer a sleek and streamlined appearance while ensuring optimal performance. They are compatible with both front and rear installations, allowing you to upgrade your entire braking system for maximum effectiveness. Whether you're a professional racer or a recreational cyclist, hydraulic disc brake calipers deliver the stopping power you need for a smooth and controlled ride.

Hydraulic Brake Sets

Hydraulic brake sets combine a hydraulic disc brake lever with a corresponding caliper for a complete braking system. These sets are specifically designed for the front wheel, providing powerful and responsive braking performance. With features like adjustable reach and lever ergonomics, hydraulic brake sets offer customizable comfort and control. Whether you're tackling technical trails or navigating busy city streets, a hydraulic brake set ensures you can stop confidently and quickly when needed.

Disc Brake Rotors

Disc brake rotors play a crucial role in the braking system, providing the surface for the brake pads to grip and slow down the bike. With a 180mm centerlock design, these rotors offer excellent heat dissipation and consistent performance. They are compatible with various front disc brake setups, ensuring compatibility with your chosen brake caliper and lever. Whether you're replacing a worn-out rotor or upgrading to a larger size for improved stopping power, a high-quality disc brake rotor is essential for optimal braking performance.