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Disc Brake Rotor 160Mm

Bikes are meant
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Looking for a disc brake rotor in the 160mm size? Look no further! We have a wide selection of high-quality disc brake rotors that will enhance your braking performance and provide reliable stopping power. Our disc brake rotors are designed to fit most bikes and are compatible with both centerlock and 6-bolt mounting systems. With features like durable construction, excellent heat dissipation, and optimal weight distribution, our disc brake rotors ensure consistent and efficient braking in all conditions. Upgrade your bike's braking system with a 160mm disc brake rotor and experience improved control and confidence on the trails or roads.

Centerlock Disc Brake Rotors

Our centerlock disc brake rotors offer easy installation and secure attachment to your bike's hub. With a centerlock mounting system, these rotors provide a strong and reliable connection, minimizing the risk of loosening or wobbling during your rides. Crafted from high-quality materials, our centerlock disc brake rotors deliver consistent and powerful braking performance, even in demanding conditions. Choose from a variety of designs and finishes to match your bike's style and enjoy the benefits of a centerlock disc brake rotor.

6-Bolt Disc Brake Rotors

If your bike features a 6-bolt mounting system, our 6-bolt disc brake rotors are the perfect choice. These rotors are designed to fit securely onto your bike's hub, ensuring a stable and reliable connection. With excellent heat dissipation capabilities, our 6-bolt disc brake rotors prevent overheating and fading, allowing for consistent and responsive braking performance. Whether you're tackling steep descents or cruising on flat terrain, our 6-bolt disc brake rotors provide the stopping power you need.

Performance and Durability

Our disc brake rotors are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and durability. With advanced materials and construction techniques, these rotors are built to withstand the rigors of intense riding and challenging conditions. The 160mm size offers a versatile balance between stopping power and weight, making it suitable for a wide range of riding styles and terrains. Upgrade your bike's braking system with a high-quality 160mm disc brake rotor and experience improved control, reliability, and confidence on every ride.