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Cycling Aerobars

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Upgrade your cycling performance with aerobars designed to enhance your aerodynamics and improve your speed. Cycling aerobars are a must-have for triathletes, time trialists, and anyone looking to gain an edge in their cycling performance. These aerodynamic handlebar extensions allow you to achieve a more streamlined position, reducing wind resistance and allowing you to maintain a faster pace with less effort. With a variety of options available, from straight extensions to S-bend designs, as well as different materials like carbon and aluminum, you can find the perfect aerobars to suit your riding style and preferences.

Straight Aerobar Extensions

Straight aerobar extensions provide a simple and straightforward design that allows for a comfortable and efficient riding position. These extensions are ideal for riders who prefer a more linear and direct hand placement, providing a stable and aerodynamic position for maximum speed. Made from lightweight and durable materials, straight aerobar extensions offer excellent control and stability, allowing you to maintain your focus and power throughout your ride.

S-Bend Aerobar Extensions

S-Bend aerobar extensions offer a curved design that provides additional hand positions and improved ergonomics. These extensions allow for a more natural and comfortable grip, reducing fatigue and increasing overall comfort during long rides. The curved shape also helps to further reduce wind resistance, allowing you to slice through the air with ease. S-Bend aerobar extensions are a popular choice among triathletes and time trialists looking for versatility and enhanced performance.

Aero Handlebars

Aero handlebars combine the aerodynamic benefits of aerobars with the convenience and versatility of a complete handlebar setup. These handlebars feature integrated aerobar extensions, allowing for a seamless and integrated design that optimizes aerodynamics and performance. With options available in carbon and aluminum, aero handlebars offer lightweight construction and excellent stiffness for optimal power transfer. Whether you're competing in a time trial or simply looking to improve your speed on the road, aero handlebars provide a significant advantage in terms of aerodynamics and overall performance.