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Clear Bike Frame Wrap

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Protect your bike frame from scratches, chips, and other damage with clear bike frame wrap. This transparent protective film is designed to adhere to your frame, providing an invisible shield against the elements. Whether you ride on the road, gravel, or tackle rugged trails on an eMTB, clear bike frame wrap is a must-have accessory to keep your bike looking new and pristine. With easy installation and a durable construction, this frame wrap offers long-lasting protection without compromising the aesthetics of your bike. Invest in clear bike frame wrap and ride with confidence, knowing your frame is safeguarded from wear and tear.

Essential Protection - Frame Kit

The essential protection frame kit is designed to cover the most vulnerable areas of your bike frame. It includes pre-cut pieces that fit perfectly on the top tube, down tube, chainstays, and other high-impact areas. Made from a high-quality clear material, this frame wrap is resistant to yellowing and fading, ensuring long-lasting protection. The kit also comes with detailed instructions for easy installation, allowing you to apply the wrap without any hassle. Keep your frame safe from scratches and chips with the essential protection frame kit.

Covered Protection - eMTB Kit

If you ride an eMTB and need extra protection, the covered protection eMTB kit is the perfect choice. This kit is specifically designed to withstand the demands of off-road riding, providing comprehensive coverage for your frame. It includes additional pieces to protect the motor, battery, and other vulnerable areas of your eMTB. The gloss clear finish ensures a seamless look, preserving the aesthetics of your bike while offering maximum protection. Invest in the covered protection eMTB kit and ride with confidence on any terrain.

Covered Protection - Road & Gravel Kit

For road and gravel riders, the covered protection road & gravel kit offers complete coverage for your bike frame. This kit includes pre-cut pieces that fit perfectly on the top tube, down tube, seatstays, and other high-impact areas. The gloss clear finish provides a sleek and invisible layer of protection, keeping your frame safe from scratches and chips. With its durable construction and easy installation, the covered protection road & gravel kit is the ideal choice for riders who want to keep their bikes looking pristine on every adventure.