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Ceramicspeed Pulley Wheels

Bikes are meant
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Elevate your cycling performance with CeramicSpeed pulley wheels. These high-quality pulley wheels are designed to optimize your drivetrain efficiency and improve your overall riding experience. With advanced ceramic bearings, these pulley wheels reduce friction and provide smooth and precise shifting. The oversized design increases the contact surface area, further enhancing power transfer and reducing wear on your drivetrain. Whether you're a professional racer or a dedicated enthusiast, CeramicSpeed pulley wheels are a must-have upgrade for any bike. Explore our wide range of options for Shimano and SRAM drivetrains, including coated and 3D printed titanium versions, and take your cycling to the next level.

Optimized Efficiency

CeramicSpeed pulley wheels are engineered to deliver maximum efficiency to your drivetrain. The advanced ceramic bearings used in these pulley wheels reduce friction, allowing for smoother and more precise shifting. With less energy wasted on drivetrain resistance, you can transfer more power to the pedals and enjoy a more efficient and effortless ride. Upgrade to CeramicSpeed pulley wheels and experience the difference in your cycling performance.

Durable and Long-lasting

Constructed with high-quality materials, CeramicSpeed pulley wheels are built to last. The oversized design increases the contact surface area, distributing the load more evenly and reducing wear on your drivetrain components. Additionally, the coated and 3D printed titanium versions offer enhanced durability and resistance to corrosion. Invest in CeramicSpeed pulley wheels and enjoy long-lasting performance and reliability on every ride.

Wide Compatibility

CeramicSpeed offers a wide range of pulley wheels to fit various Shimano and SRAM drivetrains. Whether you ride a Shimano 9200 series, Shimano XT/XTR 1x12, or SRAM Red/Force AXS, there's a CeramicSpeed pulley wheel system designed specifically for your setup. Upgrade your bike with CeramicSpeed pulley wheels and enjoy improved shifting performance and efficiency, regardless of your drivetrain choice.