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Cane Creek Bike Components

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Discover a wide range of high-quality bike components from Cane Creek. Whether you're a mountain biker or a road cyclist, Cane Creek offers a variety of components to enhance your riding experience. From suspension forks to cranksets, bottom brackets to headsets, and brake systems to headset bearings, Cane Creek has you covered. With a focus on durability, performance, and precision engineering, these components are designed to withstand the demands of the trail or road. Upgrade your bike with Cane Creek components and enjoy smoother rides, improved handling, and enhanced performance.

Suspension Forks

Cane Creek suspension forks are designed to provide optimal performance and control on the trails. With features like adjustable travel, compression, and rebound settings, these forks allow you to fine-tune your ride to suit your preferences and the terrain. Whether you're tackling technical descents or climbing steep hills, Cane Creek suspension forks deliver a smooth and responsive ride, absorbing bumps and impacts for maximum comfort and control.


Cane Creek cranksets are engineered to deliver exceptional power transfer and efficiency. Made from lightweight and durable materials, these cranksets offer a perfect balance between strength and weight savings. With their sleek design and precision craftsmanship, Cane Creek cranksets not only perform well but also add a touch of style to your bike. Whether you're conquering steep climbs or sprinting on the flats, Cane Creek cranksets provide the performance you need to excel on the road or trail.

Bottom Brackets and Headsets

Cane Creek bottom brackets and headsets are essential components that ensure smooth and reliable operation of your bike. Designed to withstand the rigors of off-road riding, Cane Creek bottom brackets provide excellent durability and low friction, allowing for efficient power transfer. Their headsets offer precise steering control and stability, ensuring a confident ride. With options like the Hellbender and 40-Series, Cane Creek provides a range of bottom brackets and headsets to suit different bike frames and preferences.