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Bicycle Brake Kit

Bikes are meant
to be used.

Upgrade your bike's braking power with a high-quality bicycle brake kit. Whether you're a mountain biker tackling rugged trails or a road cyclist seeking precise stopping power, a brake kit is essential for safety and performance. These kits feature hydraulic disc brakes or rim brakes, ensuring reliable and consistent stopping power in all conditions. With options for both front and rear brakes, you can easily customize your setup. Choose from trusted brands like Shimano and SRAM, known for their durability and innovation. Enhance your riding experience and ride with confidence by investing in a top-notch bicycle brake kit.

Hydraulic Disc Brake Kits

Hydraulic disc brake kits offer superior stopping power and modulation, making them ideal for mountain biking and off-road adventures. These kits include hydraulic brake calipers, brake levers, and hydraulic hoses for a complete setup. With features like J-Kit compatibility, you can easily install and maintain your brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes provide consistent performance in wet and muddy conditions, ensuring reliable stopping power when you need it most. Upgrade your bike with a hydraulic disc brake kit and experience enhanced control and confidence on the trails.

Rim Brake Kits

Rim brake kits are designed for road cyclists and offer precise stopping power on paved surfaces. These kits include rim brake calipers, brake levers, and all necessary hardware for installation. With direct mount options available, you can achieve a sleek and aerodynamic setup. Rim brakes provide excellent modulation and are lightweight, making them a popular choice among road cyclists. Whether you're racing or cruising, a high-quality rim brake kit will ensure reliable and responsive braking performance.

Brake Accessories

In addition to complete brake kits, you'll also find a range of brake accessories to enhance your setup. Hydraulic hose kits are available in different colors and styles, allowing you to customize the look of your bike. These kits include all necessary components for replacing or upgrading your hydraulic brake hoses. Ensure a secure and leak-free connection with beveled or black banjo fittings. Whether you need to replace worn-out parts or want to add a personal touch to your bike, brake accessories are a great way to optimize your braking system.