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29" Boost Rear Wheel

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Upgrade your mountain bike with a 29" boost rear wheel for enhanced performance and stability on the trails. These wheels are designed to fit bikes with a boost spacing of 148mm, providing a wider hub and flange spacing for increased strength and stiffness. With a variety of options available, you can find the perfect wheel to suit your riding style and preferences. Whether you're looking for an aluminum or carbon construction, tubeless compatibility, or specific drivetrain compatibility, these 29" boost rear wheels offer durability, responsiveness, and improved traction for a smoother and more enjoyable ride.

Aluminum 29" Boost Rear Wheels

Aluminum 29" boost rear wheels are a popular choice for riders seeking a balance of strength, affordability, and performance. These wheels are constructed from lightweight and durable aluminum, offering excellent durability and impact resistance on the trails. With a variety of rim widths and spoke counts available, you can find the perfect wheel to match your riding style and terrain. Whether you're tackling technical descents or powering up steep climbs, an aluminum 29" boost rear wheel will provide the reliability and performance you need.

Carbon 29" Boost Rear Wheels

Carbon 29" boost rear wheels are the ultimate choice for riders seeking maximum performance and weight savings. These wheels are constructed from high-quality carbon fiber, offering exceptional stiffness, strength, and responsiveness. With their lightweight construction, carbon 29" boost rear wheels provide improved acceleration and maneuverability on the trails. Whether you're racing, tackling challenging terrain, or simply looking to upgrade your bike's performance, a carbon 29" boost rear wheel will take your riding to the next level.

Tubeless 29" Boost Rear Wheels

Tubeless 29" boost rear wheels offer the benefits of tubeless technology, allowing you to run lower tire pressures for improved traction, control, and comfort. With a tubeless setup, you'll experience fewer flats and a smoother ride on rough terrain. These wheels feature a tubeless-ready rim design and come with the necessary components for easy tubeless conversion. Whether you're a cross-country racer or a trail enthusiast, a tubeless 29" boost rear wheel will enhance your riding experience and give you the confidence to push your limits.